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  1. Well, no answer on how to fix my issue yet from SAS team... I do not think they care... BTY for those of you that think of buying SAS, do not, it only works on the easy things, anything more complicated, and bam, your system is infected. Here is what they claimed: https://www.superantispyware.com/malwarefiles/FTOE.RHO.html But do not believe it. I was regular user of SAS, I paid for it, now wonder why bothered. It detects some malware, clean the hard once - NO, easy crap - like cookies - YES, when it came to a hard one, it detected it, but it was unable to clean it... Slow responding due to holidays - I am sorry, but malware, adware, viruses, have no holidays, and waiting for now a week to hear a resolution from them and still nothing, holidays is an excuse only, but not that is the problem!!!
  2. Yes-2 and a sys scan info! But I guess SAS team do not care about the issue... No replies from the team other than the automatic ones!
  3. Well it has been more than 48 hrs since I asked the Superaantispyware team for help... so far NOTHING!!! I guess they do not care... Why should they, I've already paid them!!! Used HijackThis to delete the cbss.dll file, all good. But now the computer crashes, it will not booth in safe mode. I think the mup.sys file is corrupted by the virus, or maybe Prevx. Prevx is detecting the superantispyware.exe file as a High Risk Worm file... Any feed back on this from any one??? Please guys, no one had this issue... I am getting a "rundll error loading ftoe.rho The specified module could not be found" I am just an intermediate user... so please help, any good help would be greatly apprecaited. Thanks to the folks with big hearts!!! Forget about superantispyware, do not buy it, trust me, I wasted my money on this, not even a response in more than 48 hours... Do not waste your $ like I did.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion... Appreciate your reply very much. The supernatispyware team has not responded to my quiry yet. I am hopping they will. Prevx detected the same problem that Superantispyware did. However, it is asking me to pay in order to clean up. I've already paid, some time ago, for the superantispyware, why should I buy another program that claims it will clean up? Just asking myself laud! I do not believe a program that finds things, but is asking you to pay, since that is what Superantispyware claims it is going to do when you buy them... Well, the result is, it does not so far... Have not tried your second suggestion yet. Next to do, but will wait at least 24 hrs for the Superantispyware team to reply, if they decide to... If you list other software, you can only help both me and the Superantispyware team! How, I will try something else, and the team will maby learn what they need to do to bring up to date Superantispyware... or at least I am hopping...
  5. How come Superantispyware can not remove this? Also it is unable to remove the ftoe.rho, and the following file: cbss.dll? According to the advertised on the web site, it should be... but since yesterday, I have tried several times, it scans, finds them, but can not remove them. Please help, help. I use the professioanl version! Thanks
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