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  1. That has nothing to do with it not being an antivirus, it recognize firewall, antivirus & antispyware program, windows defender is recognize along with some other antispyware programs, it just haven't been verified.
  2. Yes, I have turn off windows firewall and have Century Link Online Security, my internet provider software , it has a Av and firewall and both shows in windows security center.
  3. Thanks for all the respond, Seth I agree
  4. Thanks, 69Chico54, what makes you think I have any Norton program installed, I have none and there is no problem with the action center, its shows my Av and firewall installed and also windows defender (off) but not detecting SAS, just wondered why. there is no problem just wonder why its not showing when all other antispyware software shows. But I have seen Avast AV do this also. thanks again
  5. It is not a stand-alone program, it installed as the rest of the programs and seem by some as installed but not windows security center and thats the question, why not, thanks
  6. I am running windows 7 as stated in my sig, but I notice that it is not recognize in the Action center(windows security center) as installed, its not a big issue, just wondering why its not shown. I am running the latest version of SAS. Thanks for any respond
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