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  1. danny09411

    Av8 removal

    could be a new variant update the definitions
  2. danny09411

    version 5 beta

    is the anywhere i can get version 5 beta for testing
  3. danny09411

    fake antivirus software

    is your system all running again do you mean something like ubcd4win superantispywatre's on ubcd4win just download ubcd4win and boot it up yes it should catch some in realtime but if u have lots of viruses it will probably just crash
  4. danny09411

    fake antivirus software

    go to start run type msconfig click ok and go to start up and untick any thing that looks like a virus click ok restart your system
  5. danny09411

    Can't copy and paste

    try this CONTROL C for COPY then CONTROL V for PASTEand see if that works also scan for malware and see if it works in safe mode
  6. danny09411

    Can't copy and paste

    right click (start/properties/start menu/customise/advanced) and make sure dragging and doping is ticked
  7. danny09411

    How do I know what's bad and what's needed?

    hi mskelly some malware makes a proxy server click on internet explorer click tools /internet options / connections /lan setings if use a proxy server is ticked un tick it and try again and see if u get redirected or not and quarantine the malware again
  8. danny09411

    repair page blank in windows 7

    i am runing a 32bit system
  9. the repair page is blank in superantispyware
  10. danny09411

    Redirection of search results by googleadscentral.com

    try going in to safe mode and do a full scan with both superantispyware and malwarebytesmy forum http://pchelpp.prophpbb.com/
  11. danny09411

    Buffer overrun problem (and laptop, no XP cd)

    u will be able to acess all files to back up etc i think u will need a windows xp cd to fix it but this cd will back up the files your local pc shop mabe able fix it but with out a cd i dont think thers much u can do
  12. danny09411

    Buffer overrun problem (and laptop, no XP cd)

    try this will boot the laptop up http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download do u get any message when trying to boot it bsod etc
  13. danny09411

    Post fix rundll32 errors etc

    Mount the Windows xp cd and go to start run type cmd click ok then type expand <CD-ROM:>\i386\rundll32.ex_ %Systemroot%\rundll32.exe press enter restart and your done
  14. danny09411

    Reboot on Boot CD

    u will be ok if u take the cd out
  15. danny09411

    Scan zip files

    siliconman01 i agree