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  1. siliconman01, thanks for all the help with this ! did the deed with winpatrol - and all id fine still. thanks again and sorry for not having wrote back sooner but ive been up to my neck ( almost literally with snow ! lolol )
  2. hi again siliconman01, i was thinking of disabling it with winpatrol - it shows up under "start up programs" when i enable "display secret start up locations" at the bottom of the picture that i attached youll see that theres the option for me to disable it .... - Do you consider this okay or suggest another (better) way ?? you mentioned Hijackthis - i dont know anything about that, but ill try to have a look around to see if i can learn more, or maybe you can advise. ill standby .... i attached the pic for you to see. EDIT: i just learned how hijackthis can help remove it - i will still standby and wait to hear back from you. if you suggest that i use hijackthis, then ill download and install it to perform the task at hand - from what i learned its a pretty good tool to keep on-board anyways.
  3. got it. so, ill remove it. do you think i should un-install / download again, and reinstall again (SAS)..... where should i check to know that the new installer is out ?
  4. sorry for the delay in replying .... so im a bit confused now and unsure as how to proceed. @ SUPERAntiSpy & siliconman01, are you saying that it shouuld not be running at start-up as well as not even showing up ? sorry if the question is dumb - but i wasnt sure what you meant by a "handler" so i dont know for sure what to make of what you guys are saying. thanks guys! too cool!
  5. gotya SUPERAntiSpy .... thanks for the feedback ive been checking the thread for days ..... you mentioned XP but ill assume its just the same for Vista, right. thanks again - much appreciated.
  6. hi all - i tried looking around in the forum about this and i did see a few threads where it was mentioned BUT i dont know if the people that inquired about it were running a paid version (which i might understand, then the first chance prevention) .... im running the FREE version and wanted to know if this item should indeed be running at system start-up ?
  7. hi exile360 , yup - i gotya.... thanks again for jump'n back in .... i decided to stay wi th free version (for now anyways) and just run the updates and scans manually. and yup, i caught on to that when i was just about to finish scheduling the task .... i said to myself "what the heck am i doing.... im only gonna launch the program if i do that"! duh! i might actually invest in the pro version later though. thanks again for the feedback - much appreciated. also - thanks for clearing that up about the definitions - i really kept on wondering about that too. thanks again!
  8. siliconman01 - thanks, once again ! i guess i might have to save up for the pro then. thanks so much for your feedback. how does one close a thread ?
  9. hi all - im sorry if this is in the wrong place but i finally ran my first scan with SAS free. when done this was detected: trojan.agent/Gen-Nullo [Micro]. there was a + next to it that when clicked showed another two items - one of them being c:\windows\system32\system (i cant remember the other) should i remove and quarintine these? will my computer still work if i remove and quarentine c:\windows\system32\system ? heres a view ... i removed and quarantined - all is okay.
  10. hi all .... was going through the motions in task scheduler but i stopped short of the end cause im under the impression that the task would actually only LAUNCH the program as opposed to running the scan that im aiming for. i know im overlooking something but im stumped. id like to be able to do this with the free version if possible and avoid acquiring the full which i wont make much use of.
  11. @exile360 ... talk to me - you just left me h a n g i n g.... tell me / please explain... thanks for chiming in - of course. I jUst thought of something - if i wouldnt be taking advantage of the "real time" and not having it start with Windows, most of the time anyway ..... would i just be wasting money unnecessarily to upgrade OR are the defintions different. i mean i understand that the pro would have more features - and thats great but are the protection definitions the same? thanks again guys !
  12. @siliconman01, thanks for clearing that up.... of course it makes perfect sense. i guess it was just wishful thinking on my part. i guess you saw where i was coming from with that - because i noticed that you said that i wouldnt be able to pull it off with task scheduler either ....
  13. hi all - im trying to find out weather i can upgrade to the full version and NOT have it working in "real time" OR NOT have it start up with Windows .... can i still schedule it to start scanning at a certain day & time ? there will be times when i might choose to allow it to start with Windows and have it working in "real time" but for the most part - not. thanks all in advance.
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