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    Thanks siliconman01. I haven't been able to see the file using Windows Explorer. I have "show hidden system files" enabled. Tim///
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    I think I still have a problem with my laptop after removing some malware and was looking at the services running on my computer by using MSCONFIG. I am running XP-Pro, SAS-Pro, Windows Security Essentials, SpyBot, and Ad-Aware. Windows Security Essentials will not update and the computer will not hibernate, even though I have it enabled. I found UDUKVLM listed as a service from an unknown entity. I searched my registry for it and found a number of entries throughout the registry. I Googled the term and found nothing. That struck me as very strange. Google offered to break my search string into UDUK VLM and when I searched those terms, I got a bunch of topics listed in non-english languages. What is this item and is it safe? My SAS log has been showing only cookies, no memory threats, and no registry threats. This computer did have some trojans. Thanks. Tim///
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