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    IE8, FF, Yahoo

    Problem solved, no wipe out needed, thanks to the poster for the link and Kasper Kasper found the following 'Rootkit.Win32.TDSS.d in system memory, stored in my windows/system32/drivers/fasttx2k.sys file, this file belongs to my on-board 'Promise" sata controller, Kasper could not kill or quarantine, From my laptop, google search the file, it lead me to Kasper forum, they had knowledge of the rootkit, provided a zipfile to download, unzip to c: then cmd to execute, killed, reboot, they suggest run malwarebytes after reboot, malwarebytes found 'Rootkit.Agent.H' in a file called '62845211.sys, quarantined, deleted, reboot ran both programs again, system clean, went online, test google search... Sobakh
  2. Sobakh

    IE8, FF, Yahoo

    Their no program out their known to man kind will fix this problem, seems only one thing to do, wipeout.... rebuild. Sobakh
  3. Sobakh

    IE8, FF, Yahoo

    Thanks for ur reply, Already checked the host file, it(s)ok. Not sure if this is actual called a 'browser hijack', is a search eng. virus where as u click on a link in a search which redirects to other sites, also now if u have tabs turned on multi-tabs will start opening. Tip from an online friend, download RootkitRevealer from M$. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897445.aspx See attached file, also ran SUPERAntiSpywarePro again which I just purchased. Nice little program u have here, but doesn't fix the problem. Tho, It found more malware and Trojan than any other I have tried. I think it(s) a decent program but doesn't go deep enough. Sobakh RootkitReveal_2.txt
  4. Sobakh

    IE8, FF, Yahoo

    Hello all, a new user here looking for inf. on how to fix a problem. Anyone maybe have some info on redirect virus on search engs. Every link I click for what I searching for gets redirected to some possible fraudulent sites or may even legit sites but the search engs should not do this, multi-redirects. This program I have just purchased doesn't seem to fix the problem. I have been attacked and no solution to fix the problem, I have tried many of the A/V out their, top notch malware programs, but none seem top fix the problem. They all find virus and cookies and removes them. But the thing is, these are web mail search engs. not software mail like M$ Office, So how can this be, here is a log from one I just purchased because it finds more than any other, I have McAfee and updated the dats, but doesn't find any viruses. I'm not positive how I have gotten struck by this. My only solution now is to reinstall, just done that about two months ago due to hardware failure (hd) went bad. Any solutions... yes, no? Sobakh
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