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  1. I paid for a renewal early last week. My account has now expired. Before it expired, I sent an email asking why the account hadn't been renewed. I got no response. I received notice from Paypal that they paid the invoice. Next, I emailed the company that handles billing and receiving. I have received no response from them either. Every time I have needed to renew my license, there are serious problems. One year the company used my credit card without my approval. The license was still valid. They just took it upon themselves to do that-- a bad move for anyone wanting to retain me as a customer. I'm very quickly forming a bad opinion of this optional program - there are others on the market that computer folks can download and have no monetary problems. They are more professional. If this comment simply goes unanswered, I'm gone ............ Sent money, no response; sent two emails- no response.
  2. I am using SAS 5.6.1042 with latest definitions. Each time I start the computer, I get a popup stating a new version is available, and would I like to download it. I have verified my version on 3 different programs that independently list programs, and versions. Can I get rid of this very annoying popup. or can someone tell me what this "NEW" edition is. Thanks.
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