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  1. i'm getting the pro version of SuperAntiSpyware - and i had some questions i can't find answers to. i run 2 PCs, one with XP Home, one with Pro. 1, are there any conflicts running SuperAntiSpyware and the following: norton internet security (NIS v. spyware blaster malwareBytes windows defender winPatrol and: spybot search & destroy, with Tea Timer enabled if there ARE any known conflicts, please tell me what i need to do (disable TeaTimer, etc). (right now, i run all of these with no problems) 2, are the Portable Scanner signatures updated regularly? should i download new versions 1x a mo or so, to ensure current definitions? 3, per the Faq, i'll be entitled to put the app on 2 computers, with lifetime product updates. (i'll buy that for the extra, i think it's $9.95) i MAY have to change out internal hard drives- too long to explain. but my question is, Norton, Microsoft etc recognize i'm on ONE computer- possibly due to the Mac address. if i install SAS now- then have to switch out drives- will SAS count that as the "2" allowed installations? thanx!
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