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  1. Because of my business, I'm forced to maintain several versions of Windows, including a few Linux distros. I've got SAS version 4.24.1004 installed with 98SE. In the past, I could easily extract the updated definition files and copy them manually into the SAS directory. When I tried to extract the contents of the latest definition file, I realized things had changed. Universal Extractor did the job, but the extracted files are not what I expected. The main definition file was labeled "[0]." Am I correct in assuming that these extracted files are no longer compatible with v4.24. In case you're wondering, I still have some clients that use 98SE. I try to maintain some of the malware apps on this system, which is not an easy task!
  2. I'm convinced of one thing. After thirty years of working with computers, my skills are declining. I don't think my brain is rotting. It's the endless repetition that is required to maintain one desktop or an entire LAN. Like most apps, SAS no longer supports Windows 98. It's very easy to find old software versions. That doesn't mean recent anti-malware definition files are compatible with 98. Installing SAS v4.24.1004 does you no good, if the defintion files are unable to be loaded manually on a 98 system. If you are not connected to the internet an error box appears when you select "check for updates." Please see "Error Trying to Retrieve Definitions.jpg." I've installed, used, or beta tested many thousands of apps. I do apologize for failing to see the obvious. Frankly, it's embarassing.
  3. I clicked on that button. Something flashed by on the screen. Trying to run a malware scanner while connected to the internet is a really bad idea on an old desktop. The system will crash immediately. Isn't that "check for updates" button searching for open port connected to the web, so it can download the definitions file? If something else is suppose to happen, tell me what I should be seeing on the screen. Should I see a box that would allow me to select and open the file, like a normal "File" drop down menu? Again, I'll apologize if I'm wrong about this, but let me answer my own question. That "check for updates" button assumes that you're already connected to the internet. Who would even bother clicking on that button, if they weren't already connected to the web? (Sometimes, I feel like my dad would be better off if this old Gateway was hit by a bolt of lightning! He thinks he's too old to learn a new system. He's a very smart man, who could easily adapt to a more recent Windows system. He was a wonderful dad when I was a kid. I just can't argue with him. He won't change his mind anyway.)
  4. Maybe I just don't get it. Whatever "it" means, in this case. I started the app and removed all the ticks from anything related to automatic updating, or checking for updates while online. There is no "File" drop down menu that allows you to "open" a manually downloaded defintions file. I clicked on all the tabs. There was nothing related to updating the "definitions from within the program." I tried running the definitions file with SuperAntiSpyware open and closed. It didn't make any difference. The same error box appears each time. If the definitions file is not compatible with Windows 98, it doesn't matter how many boxes you uncheck, or whether the app is running or terminated. It ain't going to load. Even with thirty years of computer experience, I make mistakes all the time. Tell me where in SuperAntiSpyware I can manually load the definitions file, and I'll apologize profusely!
  5. My elderly dad is using 98SE. He's not going to switch to a newer Windows system. He uses the internet mainly for email. Fortunately, the Avast! antivirus app still runs ok with 98SE. Avast didn't detect anything during the last scan, but I'm very concerned. His firewall keeps telling him that Windows Explorer as changed. This is a common problem when some kind of malware is trying to use your computer to access the web. I installed 4.24.1004, which is the lastest version that supports 98SE. I manually downloaded the latest definitions file. An error box appeared, indicating that it could not load the definitions on this older Windows system. Ironically, I found the info about installing version 4.24 on a 98 system at the SuperAntiSpyware website. Is there a solution, like another definitions file that will work with 98SE?
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