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  1. yup...guess I should start reading instructions a bit more...lol tyvm again..hagd
  2. yipeeeeee...that worked...LOL thank you so much for all your help I have typed up the instructions on a notepad so that I will have them the next time I need to do this and I won't have to come in and bug ya...LOL Have a great evening...JM
  3. Ok this is about driving me nuts that did't work either what should I do delete the program and download again? If so I will have to do this everytime there is a new version I guess any other suggestions? tyvm
  4. Ok got rid of the bug and went in and it did an update, but the update the bug was showing is a new version as I have done many of these in the past. In my program of SAS its showing Program Version 4.32.1000 On my other pc its showing Program Version 4.33.1000 tyvm
  5. When I right click on SAS and run as Admin it telling me that there is no update, but yet in the corner as in the screen shot it says there is a update to download...ty
  6. I have a Song Vaio laptop and it has Windows 7 on When I right click on bug in my sys tray it shows me that I have a an update to install I than go into my all programs and right click on the SAS and run as Administrator and check for the update its not there Can you tell me what I can do to do the update I have attached the screen shots to show you what I am seeing...tyvm
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