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  1. For a while now I've noticed when I log off my WinXP account that occasionally a message will pop up. It will say something like "cannot end program DGZ" and sometimes "cannot end program Axwin Frame Window". But lately I haven't seen either of those for some reason, but now I've been seeing a message that says "cannot end program n". I've done virus scans with AVG 8.5 (paid edition) as well as SuperAntiSpyware Free and Malware Bytes Free, and I keep all the definitions up to date but none of the programs detect these files. Even when I search my whole computer with Search companion it doesn't find anything. I searched online for info about DGZ and Axwin Frame Window but I've found nothing about them, so I'm unsure if they are dangerous, but they do sound suspicious. When I search online for n it usually says on websites like these that it's a Trojan. Here's what this site says about n https://www.superantispyware.com/malwarefiles/N.EXE.html Is there any way to detect these and remove them at all?
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