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  1. Did the repair many times but no use. As for Safe mode, useless also as it could log in at all. Guess i have to format it. Cant say I'm impressed with SAS...
  2. It doesn't work. As mentioned, the pc is admin locked hence I could not edit the registry. What I did was to use PEbuilder to go to command prompt, and copy userinit.exe to wasupdate.exe . But the situtation remained the same..
  3. I got excatly the same problems on my HP desktop. My PC was infected with worm32.netsky and using SAS to scan, it showed smss32.exe as one of the infected. so I ran in safe mode and proceed to clean the infected with SAS. After that, I couldn't log in successfully. Everytime I tried to login, it will go "loading settings etc", then log off. I tried to reboot in Safe Mode but the same thing happens. Even rebooting in Safe Mode with command prompt or networking won't help. My PC is admin locked so my solutions are limited. Somebody at SAS pls help!! ng@alum.com
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