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  1. Sorry, no idea where to find that in the GUI. EDIT: I am confused. Your forum sticky (referring to an old program version in 2012?) mentions a "report false positive" button. Your current program GUI offers a "mark this item as good" button -- this would seem to be a means of creating an exclusion/whitelist, NOT reporting a F/P? IOW "mark this item as good" does not mean the same thing as "report false positive". If, in fact, that is the "inbuild FP reporter", please clarify. Please advise. Thanks,
  2. Bump. (>24 hours later, new database version, F/P still detected) Please fix. Thanks,
  3. Hello: This is a new F/P detection with your current database (the MBSB program is perfectly safe and has been on this system for years). SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log https://www.superantispyware.com Generated 09/22/2015 at 06:39 AM Application Version : 6.0.1204 Database Version : 12077 Scan type : Quick Scan Total Scan Time : 00:00:27 Operating System Information Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, Service Pack 1 (Build 6.01.7601) UAC On - Administrator Memory items scanned : 689 Memory threats detected : 1 Registry items scanned : 44667 Registry threats detected : 0 File items scanned : 8135 File threats detected : 1 PUP.Mindspark/Variant C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\MALWAREBYTES SECURE BACKUP\NEWTONSOFT.JSON.DLL C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\MALWAREBYTES SECURE BACKUP\NEWTONSOFT.JSON.DLL ============ End of Log ============ Please fix. Thanks, MM
  4. Just a note: "Auto-update" on both rigs (DT running Win7/64 and SAS Free, and LT running Win7/32 and SAS Pro) went fine. No loss of license info on the LT. Scans are MUCH faster! Thanks, all! MoxieMomma
  5. Hello: Relative newbie to this forum, so not sure if you are "mergers" or "splitters" when it comes to topics. (Mods, please feel free to "split", as appropriate.) This post about trouble running the full installer on Win7/64 caught my eye, as I would like to avert upgrade problems. Desktop: SAS 4.56 FREE on Win7/64 with KIS2011 and MBAM PRO (everything fully patched). Laptop: SAS 4.56 PRO on Win7/32 with Webroot ISE and MBAM PRO (likewise fully patched). The new version sticky suggests that we can upgrade in-place, on top of 4.56, from within SAS ("check for updates"). However, the OP here had issues on several Win7/64 boxes, even running the standalone installer. And the reply suggested a clean install after running the SAS uninstaller is the way to go.... So, which of the 3 methods is most likely to be successful with fewest problems: 1) "Check for updates" from within SAS (in-place upgrade)? 2) Download and run the full installer (without first uninstalling 4.56)? 3) Clean install after first uninstalling 4.56? Thanks very much in advance, MoxieMomma
  6. Hello, So, I assume that SAS Free is fully compatible with Win7 Pro (x86)? (I have a Dell laptop running W7 Pro x86 and may install SAS Free or Pro.) Thanks, MM
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