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  1. Updated to Core 4472 Trace 2290, which cleared the FP on C:\WINDOWS\REGISTEREDPACKAGES\{981FB688-E76B-4246-987B-92083185B90A}$BACKUP$\SYSTEM\WPDMTP.DLL. D:\MININT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\SYMMPI.SYS continues to show detection.
  2. After updating SAS Free Edition this morning and running a complete scan, it detected two seemingly legitimate files: C:\WINDOWS\REGISTEREDPACKAGES\{981FB688-E76B-4246-987B-92083185B90A}$BACKUP$\SYSTEM\WPDMTP.DLL D:\MININT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\SYMMPI.SYS The first seems to be part of the Windows OS and has been on the computer since November 2007, and the second, which is on a protected recovery drive, seems to be an actual driver. I run a complete SAS scan every few days and haven't seen this detection before. I submitted a report for a possible false positive. Any additional information would be appreciated.
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