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  1. I guess that nobody has any idea's or has encountered this issue (other than ezekial52787). What I may do is uninstall and reinstall the program to see if that alleviates the problem. If I do this, I'll post weather or not the problem still occurs.
  2. Hi, ezekial52787 and thanks for your reply. The problem happens at different times, not when I initially log on. It does not appear to be related to updating and I don't have it set to "scan on startup". If I can more accurately pinpoint when the problem occurs or related circumstances I'll post this information. As it now stands the problem is widely intermittent. I don't know if this has been going on for some time or just after some recent version updates. If it keeps happening I may try a full uninstall and then reinstall the program.
  3. Occasionally when I check the Task Manager I'll see CPU Usage as high as 23% and it's being caused by SuperAntiSpyware Pro Real Time Protection. If I disable the Real Time Protection, the CPU Usage drops back down to it's normal level (usually between 0% and 3%). To correct this problem I can either exit the SuperAntiSpyware program and then restart it or reboot the computer. The version I have is 5.0.1136. I can't say how long this has been happening. Maybe it has always happened and I just recently noticed it. Any idea's? Thanks in advance for any replies to this issue.
  4. . What features would make SUPERAntiSpyware easier to use?I'd like to see an animated tray icon when scanning - both manual or scheduled scans. Mark
  5. I run SAS Pro along with Avira 10 Free with real time active on both on a Windows XP SP3 system with absolutely no conflict(s) either.Mark
  6. Hi. The image you posted is showing an older version. The current version is 4.35.1002. It needs to be updated. Actually like the previous post suggested, you should uninstall the free version or just uninstall what you have now and reinstall the Pro version from scratch. When I originally installed the Pro version over the Free version I had the same situation that you had. Plus the Add/Remove Programs list showed the Free version instead of the Pro version. I simply uninstalled and then reinstalled the Pro version which fixed everything. I hope I'm not confusing you. Mark
  7. Hi. I use Avira Free AV, SAS Pro and Comodo Internet Security (Firewall portion only) and never had any problems and absolutely no computer slow down. I dumped Spyware Doctor (paid version) for SAS Pro several months ago and am very happy with my decision.Mark
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