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  1. anychance of a reply from someone at superantispyware as i still have this file on my computer as to whether its a false positive or not or maybe,do i need to use some other way to get any support for this product,and i have the paid version not the free version. thanks
  2. is this a false positive as kaspersky and a-squared show no trojan in that file,this is the file which sas claims to be infected DFRGUI.EXE but when i checked it it belonged to comodo time machine (COMODO Time Machine FSD Filter Driver)here is the report from sas.. Detected Item Description and Information Listed below is basic information about the detected application/process. This application may not be safe to have on your system. Summary : Trojan.DESKAdp.Process Company : Unknown Description : Trojan.DESKAdp appears in the Windows System folder and is usually under 100K in size. May be related to the Sober Worm. Threat Level (1-10) : 8 Processes : DESKADP.EXE FXSAPI.EXE KBDRU1.EXE LFPCD11N.EXE WPDCONNS.EXE CRYPT32.EXE DXTRANS.EXE IEENCODE.EXE DFRGUI.EXE
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