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    No date for last update

    Yea well that doesn´t help me does it???
  2. kikkkasss

    No date for last update

    SAS will not show the date for the last definition-update. It only says (in swedish) definitions updated 00/00/000 at 00:00 AM. Anyone know why? When i try to update it says i have the latest defs. I have PRO with lifetimesub.version 4.53.1000 core:7138 trace:4950.
  3. When i did a scan today with new SAS 5.0 NIS2011 blocked and quarantined sascore64.exe.Why does NIS suspect that file ?? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. kikkkasss

    security center does not recognize SASWPRO

    I think it has not been approved by Microsoft.SAS is NOT an antivirusprogram it´s an antispywareprogram hence the name
  5. kikkkasss

    SAS will not autostart

    I have SAS Pro installed (Lifetime subscription) but it will not start when i start my computer. All settings is set to default with realtime protection activated.SAS core service (sascore64.exe)is running and superantispyware.exe shows up in autostart tab in msconfig.When i start the program manually it runs just fine.
  6. kikkkasss

    System attacked with SAS installed

    Realtime protection isn´t exactly top of the line Just check this out http://forums.superantispyware.com/index.php?/topic/3918-real-time-protection-as-good-has-file-scanner/page__gopid__17563&
  7. kikkkasss

    Real-time protection as good has file scanner?

    Sometimes?? It missed almost everything.What´s up with that?
  8. kikkkasss

    Security center

    Why doesn´t Superantispyware show up in Windows security center? Doesn´t Microsoft think it´s a respectable antispyware?
  9. kikkkasss

    Repairs tab is blank

    Ok yes im running 64-bit Win7.Thanx for answers
  10. kikkkasss

    Repairs tab is blank

    My repairs tab is blank!! Anyone knows why?? programversion 4.33.1000 core:4482 trace:2300
  11. kikkkasss

    Right klick option

    Wow great news and thanx for the fast reply. Happy new year
  12. kikkkasss

    Right klick option

    Will there be a right klick scan option in explorer for x64 OS any time soon? Thanx for a nice piece of software