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  1. Issue resolved. Entailed manually re-setting my activation code on the server side. While the Support Team didn't hit the industry target of solving the issue on first contact, they did get it done in a reasonable time. Kudos, Team!
  2. When the SAS app notified me recently my subscription had expired and provided a link for me to renew it, the cost for a lifetime subscription was shown as US $19.95, which I paid. Then, having an isssue getting it to update after receiving my renewal code, I go the SAS website for help and notice on the purchase tab that the cost for a lifteime subscription is shown as only US $9.95...ten dollars less than the renewal price I paid. What's that?
  3. Purchased a lifetime (renewal) subscription this morning, but SAS is telling me tonight that I can't update the app because my "subscription [has] expired". Huh? Uninstalled old version 3.x from my Vista Home Premium machine, and downloaded, installed, and activated version 4.x with new numeric code received via email with no effect. Still can't update because "subscription expired". Interestingly, code received after renewal purchase is identical to code received after previous purchase, a year ago.
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