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  1. OK, problem fixed...did a uninstall/install, as recommended by SAS tech support, after diagnostic scan. The scheduler must have been badly corrupted because I'm seeing a lot of options in the current that were not in the former. This morning was the 1st time I did a scan NOT @ 2:00 AM! Thanks for being there guys.
  2. Thanks...Yes, that's how SAS is suppose to work, but it's not. Still getting scans @2:00 AM. SAS scheduler shows no 2:00 AM scan. WIN7 scheduler shows no 2:00 AM scan Automatic Upates is not checked. But consistent 2:00 AM scan over past several days. Thoughts?
  3. SAS scans @ 2:00 AM. How do I stop this scan? It's not listed in the WIN7 scheduler, and not in SAS scheduler. How do I stop this scan? Cheers!
  4. Thanks, I'll try the reboot next time....a 8 minute process on my PC and requires my physical presence (not unattended). But if it works, it will be worth it on future scheduled scans. I'll be sure to let you know if it works or not. Thanks again. Cheers, Jim
  5. The "No Disk in Drive" error popup prevents unattended sheduled running of SuperAntispywarePro v4,34,0,1000. Prior to scan, I've ejected the disk, with Win Explorer. I've got the drive unchecked in SuperAntispywarePro setup. I've encountered this problem with USB thumbdrives, and Win Expl eject solved problem. So how can I mask the CD/DVD drive so that SuperAntispywarePro will run unattended? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Jim
  6. Thanks Seth for your interest, but I'm not a big fan of reinstalling as a solution to problems. I have stumbled upon what might be a solution: "eject" the thumb drive, rather than simply pulling it out. For the past few days, the scheduled scan works flawlessly when I ejected the device before removal. Cheers, & Best Wishes for the New Year! Jim
  7. The following error message fouls the automatic scheduled scan for my PRO version. The USB port that had the flash drive in it is empty, but obviously did have a thumb drive in it at one time. The logical drive (shown) is excluded from scanning, in preferences. Any thoughts on how I can avoid this error message so that the scan can continue unattended? Cheers, Jim
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