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  1. Hi all Thank you for your responses, but I think I fixed it. It occured to me that maybe SAS didn't delete the cookies, but just move them like Avast does. So I opened up Quarantine and looked, and there was a file there holding the stuff I had told it to remove. I deleted it and ran Avast again, and it came up like normal. So, I guess Avast must have a problem scanning anything quarantined by SAS. So long as it's not something I need and I delete the quarantine after it has been quarantined to remove it permanently, it doesn't look like it will cause any more problems. If it happens again I will post screenshots so you can see them
  2. Hi, I heard that SAS Free is really good, so I downloaded it and installed it. It found and removed 12 cookies, so no biggie there. However I then scanned with my Anti-Virus, Avast! free. At the end of the scan Avast said there were several files it could not scan. This has never happened before, so I have to conclude it is related to installing SAS. Has anyone encountered this problem before? How can I correct it? I don't want to start leaving chunks unscanned on my computer. This has never occured with Ad Aware, Spybot or Malwarebytes, I use them all the time. I have used Avast! for ages without any kind of problem (unlike Kaspersky which gave me no end of trouble), so I am inclined towards blaming SAS. I figured it must be that it deleted the cookies and Avast was reporting it couldn't find them, so I restarted the computer and scanned again. The same thing occured. I am not sure how this happened, and I would prefer to keep SAS if this can be fixed as it came to me highly recommended. Can someone let me know what is going on? Thanks!
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