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    portable scanner

    seth, thanks for your help. i saved to usb and removed the infection
  2. topopurim

    portable scanner

  3. topopurim

    portable scanner

    instructions for portable scanner are vague. 2. download scanner-click save(where do i save too)? 3. wait for scanner to download(it shows downloading to a temp folder(where would i find this temp folder?) also shows close dialog box unchecked-does this have to be unchecked for download to work? when i insert cd into infected machine, will it start automatically? thanks for your help.
  4. topopurim

    portable scanner on blue screened machine

    if i download the portable scanner and save it to a cd, then load the cd into the infected computer, does the scan automatically start? if so, will it work on a blue screened machine? thanks
  5. a friend called today saying his xp machine is blue screened. i don't know what caused this. will the protable scanner run on the blue screened machine? thanks
  6. topopurim

    sas free slow update

    must have been a bad install i rebooted machine, ran revo uninstaller, did a search to remove any remaining traces of sas, reinstalled. forgot to reboot before reinstall, but sas is working as it should be. i'll post back if anything changes. thanks.
  7. topopurim

    sas free slow update

    752mb ram, 3megs dsl, if no one else is having this problem then i must have a bad install thanks
  8. topopurim

    sas free slow update

    4.31.1000 and previous two versions are slow to update taking 5 to 9 minutes. a couple times the update just freezes and i have to shut down computer. i have xp home sp3, ie7, nis2009. i like sas and want to keep it on machine. thanks for any help.