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  1. I guess the problem is in the renaming it from .exe.xml to just .exe -- I'm stuck.... I could really use some help
  2. I went in and renamed it from .exe.xml to just .exe --- but the file won't run... I get a little pop up black DOS type box for 1 second... then it goes away and does nothing.
  3. by the way... I did go to the FAQs and went to this location to download the software: https://www.superantispyware.com/supportfaqd ... tml?faq=89 I still get the .xml error
  4. Hi. I have a laptop that has no internet connection... I downloaded the .exe file from this website and used an external drive to copy it onto the laptop... when I look at the icon it created it says .XML document (even though its an .exe file) --- when I run the .exe it brings up IE and tries to do something online... how can I install this???
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