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  1. If you want to know which version of SAS PRO that you are running, just hover the mouse pointer over the SAS icon in the Notification Tray (where the clock is in your task bar). A little window will open that tells you the program version and the latest definitions numbers. The latest version of SAS PRO is V4.47.1000.

    Concerning the update issue of "administrator", please follow the instructions in the link below. Be sure that you have your license key available so that you can re-enter it on installation of the new version.


    Hopefully the uninstall and the upgrade to the latest version will resolve the splash screen. Be sure that "Show splash screen on startup" is unchecked on Preferences>General and Startup tab.

    Thanks, it looks like I need to uninstall and install the latest version

  2. I haven't used my laptop in some time but we are traveling again and it seems that I'm having problems. I have the professional version with lifetime subscription.

    Some of my problems:

    My preferences are that I don't have the splash screen pop up yet it keeps popping up.

    I keep getting a message that there is an update and I click to install and it says I need administrator approval.

    I am not sure if this is a newer version on this computer or the one from the disk. How can I tell which version I have.


  3. nedra, you need to get the specifics about what the supposed 36 "spywares" were that, supposedly, were missed by SAS..

    the 36 "spywares" could have been nothing more than 36 third-party cookies, which you pick up every day when surfing the internet.. or, the tech guy could have been using some bogus program that falsely reported finding 36 "spywares" that didn't really exist.. or, you could have had a nasty rootkit infection, among other things.. we don't know..

    since the computer has gone to the shop there is no way, now, to check out what the situation was.. all we know is that the guy at the shop said that there were 36 "spywares" on your computer..

    i can unnderstand your wanting to get your computer fixed, sending it to the shop.. i, myself, am in a spastic mode when i have computer problems.. however, you could have tried contacting SAS's "support" and letting them run diagnostics on your computer, to see what the problem was..

    in my opinion, it is not necessary to send a computer to the shop for software problems.. "reformatting" is pretty simple, and your computer manufacturer's "support" could have helped you with doing it if you felt like you needed help with it.. "reformatting" is time comsuming, but, still, it is time consuming whether you do it yourself or the guy at the shop does it..

    I was having major problems so it needed help. We had a service contract so it went to the shop. BTW, I did send SAS a support contact yesterday for my laptop which was also having problems but not as serious. I send the diagnostics to them and have yet to hear back. Since I need a computer for my business I do not have the luxury of having down time on 2 computers. The desktop was having big time slow downs and software crashing. As it turned out the tech said the virus' and spyware were only partially the problem. They did a system restore and since we were operating on Vista opted to install buy Windows 7 and upgrade while it was there.

    Hopefully SAS will get back to me tomorrow regarding the condition of this laptop. I had hoped I would have gotten a response by now but I haven't. Hopefully I will get one tomorrow.

    BTW, it was not cookies that they found but at that point exactly what the spyware was was a moot issue since they had to do a system restore.


  4. I have my computer in the shop now for work because it kept locking up. Turned out I had 36 spyware found on my computer. I have the professional with lifetime subscription. I do the complete scan as stated by Scott and I had installed the new version as they recommended.

    So, how on earth is SAS missing 36 different incidents of spyware that had not been quaranteed/removed?

    I'm using my laptop now and hoping and praying it's not infected too.


  5. I have the professional version and keep getting a pop up to download updates. When I click on it I get a message that I have to have administrator authority to perform that. I am the owner and only user of this computer. How and why does this happen. Shouldn't the professional version be updating automatically? I'm confused! :?:


  6. It does not mean your PC has been hacked. It is easy and common for spammers to spoof the from address on an email message, using addresses they have collected from some hacked PC's contacts list, or from postings in forums or news groups.

    the interesting part is that I have several user names with AOL. This is the only one that has had the problem. It is the only one that I NEVER post to forums and I do not participate in any news groups, face book, twitter or anything else. So, I have no idea how spammers cold have collected my email address.


  7. I received calls and emails from friends who have received emails from my personal account. I did not send them. I have the professional version and each scan shows the only things found are cookies.

    I use SAS professional and I have ESET and both are up to date and scan regularly.

    Why is this happening?

    I do not access to internet every day because we are traveling but will check my messages again in a day or two.

  8. We installed the free version but recently upgraded to the Professional. The registration says you don't have to uninstall the free version but I keep getting a pop up from the free version asking me to do the scans, get updates and to upgrade. It's really getting annoying :( . How can I uninstall this completely from my computer? :roll:

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