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  1. Thanks, it looks like I need to uninstall and install the latest version
  2. I haven't used my laptop in some time but we are traveling again and it seems that I'm having problems. I have the professional version with lifetime subscription. Some of my problems: My preferences are that I don't have the splash screen pop up yet it keeps popping up. I keep getting a message that there is an update and I click to install and it says I need administrator approval. I am not sure if this is a newer version on this computer or the one from the disk. How can I tell which version I have. Nedra
  3. I was having major problems so it needed help. We had a service contract so it went to the shop. BTW, I did send SAS a support contact yesterday for my laptop which was also having problems but not as serious. I send the diagnostics to them and have yet to hear back. Since I need a computer for my business I do not have the luxury of having down time on 2 computers. The desktop was having big time slow downs and software crashing. As it turned out the tech said the virus' and spyware were only partially the problem. They did a system restore and since we were operating on Vista opted to install buy Windows 7 and upgrade while it was there. Hopefully SAS will get back to me tomorrow regarding the condition of this laptop. I had hoped I would have gotten a response by now but I haven't. Hopefully I will get one tomorrow. BTW, it was not cookies that they found but at that point exactly what the spyware was was a moot issue since they had to do a system restore. Nedra
  4. I have my computer in the shop now for work because it kept locking up. Turned out I had 36 spyware found on my computer. I have the professional with lifetime subscription. I do the complete scan as stated by Scott and I had installed the new version as they recommended. So, how on earth is SAS missing 36 different incidents of spyware that had not been quaranteed/removed? I'm using my laptop now and hoping and praying it's not infected too. Nedra
  5. I have the professional version and keep getting a pop up to download updates. When I click on it I get a message that I have to have administrator authority to perform that. I am the owner and only user of this computer. How and why does this happen. Shouldn't the professional version be updating automatically? I'm confused! Nedra
  6. the interesting part is that I have several user names with AOL. This is the only one that has had the problem. It is the only one that I NEVER post to forums and I do not participate in any news groups, face book, twitter or anything else. So, I have no idea how spammers cold have collected my email address. Nedra
  7. I received calls and emails from friends who have received emails from my personal account. I did not send them. I have the professional version and each scan shows the only things found are cookies. I use SAS professional and I have ESET and both are up to date and scan regularly. Why is this happening? I do not access to internet every day because we are traveling but will check my messages again in a day or two.
  8. We installed the free version but recently upgraded to the Professional. The registration says you don't have to uninstall the free version but I keep getting a pop up from the free version asking me to do the scans, get updates and to upgrade. It's really getting annoying . How can I uninstall this completely from my computer?
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