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  1. I did follow your instructions, by the way clemenzina
  2. Windows7 Starter (never again but it's on my netbook). SAS Pro Lifetime Sub 4.40.1002. There's no right-click option "Run as Administrator". Funnily enough, it's stating "Definitions updated 07/29/2010" which is just after I last booted up. In Properties under Security tab there's Group or User Names, that includes Administrators; and under Permissions for Everyone there's Full Control, Modify, which are not ticked. Shall I change anything there? Another thing, there are settings which seem to mean I could share this version with my other laptop on the network - is this so? Thank you for the quick response, sorry I was unable to come back earlier. clemenzina
  3. Every time I boot up I get a pop-up telling me that an SAS update is available: (1) If I click on it I am told that it can only be done in Administrative mode; (2) When I check with my installation of SAS Pro it says it is already up-to-date. This is a damn nuisance and a waste of time, boot-up takes long enough without this extra interruption Can I prevent it from happening? clemenzina
  4. Win7 Home Premium (SAS Pro; Expertise level = zero) The first time I scanned I selected C:\ and Quick Scan... 9.5 hours later SAS was still beavering away, and much screwing up of eyes suggested that it was scanning the same files over and over again so I abandoned the scan. That was a week or so ago, today I've had another go and am currently on nearly 5 hours. I'm wondering if I shouldn't select a specific drive AND Quick, will try that. In the meantime, I do get "must be run as administrator" when trying to update via the popup notification, but I can open the SAS program and update from there. clemenzina
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