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  1. It seems to be working fine now, thanks for the assist.
  2. Excellent point I will uncheck the update and try it again, thanks for input. I also unchecked splash screen.
  3. I did the uninstall using the program you attached and all worked well for uninstall reinstall to latest version, however upon start up this morning splash screen stayed frozen and program did not load. I turned it off and than restarted and it worked just fine. I am thinking of doing some program checks to see what is the culprit for creating this situation, so I will shutdown my security programs one at a time to see if there is a conflict with one till I find which one may be the problem if I am lucky that is.
  4. I did note I had and older version but I expected the download to give me the auto update, and it only gave me the latest definitions. I will do the famous uninstall reinstall. Thanks for the assist.
  5. I have a windows 7 Premium 64 bit system, 8gb DDR2 RAM Gateway X6100, CPU Type QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200, 2333 MHz (7 x 333)640gb HD 420gb free and three other external HD's. I use Avira anti virus Premium, Comodo firewall, spyware blaster, and malwarebytes security programs along with Superantisypware Professional edition Version 4.50 1002. When I first turn on my computer the Superantispyware splash screen will often hang and just sit there, the blue box text message to continue which is on the right bottom portion of the screen will not shut off either by clicking on it. I have to right click and shut the program down through windows non-response. Once it is shutdown I go to the program menu and click it back on and the second time around works just fine. This happens every time on startup. This is the only program that has any issues. Any known remedy would be appreciated.
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