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  1. *******************************************************8 Been well over 2 years now and still no solution. I say if you are not going to get it fixed, then get the darned thing off your program??????? What does everyone else think?????? You are showing something available that is not at all available and looks like it never well so it is time to get it off your site...... Let's give them hell people, just don't stand aside and let it slide.
  2. SAS Pro stopped working saying application error while attempting to scan my computer. I tried it two times and both times got the same message that SAS had stopped working. How do I fix this. I have Vista 64 bit with all updates. I had a problem a few weeks ago saying my subscription had expired even though I have a lifetime subscription and I had to reinstall it. Advise Thanks tom
  3. I have Prog vs 4.39.1002 Core 5283 Trace 3095 def updated 9:28 PM 7/28/10 Only problem is I have tried complete scan and I get the message that Antispyware has stopped working. Asks if I want to have windows to check for a solution. I answer yes and nothimng happens. I have lifetime key and if this is not the latest version, I don't know why I am not either notified or have the updated vs downloaded and installed automatically. Please advise how I can get this to perform a scan like it should? I have Vista 64 bit latest IE and Firebox browser and Firefox is set as my default. All windows and IE updates are up to date. Here are the error details that were listed: Problem Signature Event Name Appcdrash App vs app timestamp 4c0d1fc fault module Superantispyware.exe ex code c0000005 exc offset 00000000077376 OS vs 6.0.6002. Locale ID 1033 additional info 1 b7bd additonal info 2 7a94651b1e2ddd1ff4c4e0be0858772 additional info 3 2b0c additional info 4 d273fbec8ce4511204daefeec0e6df1 Help please Tom Tom
  4. I keep getting message notification about a new update. It says to click on the link below. When I click on it, I get a message that says something to the effect that I have to have adm. privilages. I am the administrator. How can I handle this?
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