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  1. Further to my last post I have uninstalled & reinstalled but the problem is still there, I cannot update except by downloading the full installer from the web page,which is never the same size when downloaded as is listed on the page.
  2. I am also having the same problem,also when the program asks if I want to automatically check for updates there is a problem & i am asked to submit a report which I did, this also occurs when trying to update manually.
  3. Hi I did uninstall & reinstall but it made no difference, but I downloaded the right version from FileHippo.com & everything is o.k. The only difference is it is the free version but the activation code works fine.
  4. I received an Update notice, when updating the download only goes part of the way twice, then says the update is complete but the program is still the same as before the update ver4.30.1004 I downloaded the full program from your website ver 4.31.1000 but it was still same as the one on my computer ver.4.30.1004
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