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  1. sure of course. feel free to contact me.
  2. if there are any SAS or even windows logs that you need me to provide, please let me know.
  3. i dont normally reboot regularly, but i did reboot today due to some microsoft patches. i can exit SAS and the superantispyware.exe will disappear from my task manager successfully. i can manually relaunch SAS, superantispyware.exe will pop back up in my task manager, hover at 3-5% then go immediately back to 12-13%. also each time i exit SAS and relaunch SAS, superantispyware.exe will get a new random Process ID(PID).
  4. hey SAS_Dave, real-time protection and scheduled scanning are both off. automatic updates is enabled. it doesn't settle down ever. right now im looking at my task manager and it's just sitting at 12-13%. i have no other applications open, no games, no browsers. no antivirus software installed on the machine. one thing that might be weird is that i do have vmware workstation version 10. thats probably the only non standard thing i have on this computer aside from stock win7 and games
  5. hey all, i'm running win7 64bit with sas 6.0.1130(lifetime sub) and i have noticed that my superantispyware.exe is constantly consuming 12-13%. regardless of whatever im doing games or web browsing, it's pretty consistent. i do notice that my pc randomly bogs down for 1-2 seconds, but could be the other hard drives coming out of power save mode. never had any issues with version 5. any1 else notice this?
  6. i ran both uninstallers and they did get rid of the error messages for me. im just surprised the portable scanner left permanent changes to my machine.
  7. i've always had great luck with bitdefender. top 3 for me are bitdefender, kaspersky, and nod32. they seem to be top 3 year in and year out, but thats probably some biased review.
  8. does SAS pro's realtime scanner work well with malwarebytes' realtime "protection" scanner? i currently run bitdefender 2010 with the realtime scanner on. once the 64bit version of SAS pro is complete, i plan on running SAS Pro's realtime scanner as well. i use to run bitdefender and SAS Pro's realtime scanner simultaneously without a problem when i was on vista 32bit. if i can, can i run bitdefender, SAS pro, and malwarebytes' realtime scanners all at the same time? i remember back in the days that u could run two antivirus realtime scanners at the same time due to file locks and what not. having 2 would just slow the computer down to a crawl and make it unusable.
  9. hey all, since the SAS pro 64bit isn't completed, i've decided to NOT install SAS at all. my friend wanted me to scan his flash drive yesterday morning, so i decided to use the SAS portable scanner. i downloaded the client, updated it, and did a custom scan on his drive. and today i noticed in my system event log these entries, which concerned me since the SAS portable scanner shouldn't have permanently loaded these drivers into my system. i would assume that a portable scanner would not leave any type of registry entries behind. these errors are similar to the ones we get when trying to run previous versions of SAS on a 64bit system. about 3-4 weeks ago, i even ran the sas uninstallers to make sure i didn't have anything lingering. i was assuming the 64bit version was gonna drop soon, so i wanted to prepare by cleaning my system and removing all SAS related stuff. i ran both the uninstallers and reboot each time. my system hasn't had any error messages until yesterday at 11AM. im on a win7 64bit ult. Error #1: ------------------------- The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: SASDIFSV SASKUTIL ------------------------- Error #2: ------------------------- %localappdata%\Temp\SAS_SelfExtract\SASDIF has been blocked from loading due to incompatibility with this system. Please contact your software vendor for a compatible version of the driver. ------------------------- Error #3: ------------------------- %localappdata%\Temp\SAS_SelfExtract\SASKUT has been blocked from loading due to incompatibility with this system. Please contact your software vendor for a compatible version of the driver. -------------------------
  10. i used zonealarm in the past and it worked ok. tho i started hating zonealarm due to slowness issues. i currently use comodo's free firewall which seems to be solid.
  11. yeah i'd be definitely happy with a full 64bit compliant version. i'd install it immediately still waiting patiently
  12. so do we still get the driver errors on win7 64bit? im debating on whether or not to install SAS pro again or if i should wait for a full 64bit compliant version(including drivers).
  13. does SAS ever intend to create a 64bit version? or are we 64bit users stuck with 32bit SAS drivers? if i can get a clear answer to that question, then i can either wait or switch to another piece of software. just stinks to be left in the dark that's all. on the forums it seems like a 64bit version will be available soon, but im not sure if that is accurate or not. i recently jumped to win7 ult 64bit, and ran into this issue as well. but i have removed SAS hoping that a 64bit version would come out soon. what does SAS_StartupFix.exe actually do? i'd prefer to not sure on 32bit drivers if at all possible especially for a piece of software i've paid a lifetime subscription on.
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