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  1. Thanks guys. Some while ago I bought an OEM version of Windows XP off ebay. It's unopened and looks like one of MS's gaudy anti-pirate disks. The disk will only have service pack 1 on it. Until WinAntivirus2010 knocked out the automatic updates, I'll have Service Pack 3 plus whatever patches, security updates, etc. through the middle of 2009. Do you know if that will be an issue in terms of scanning for missing files? The reason why I ask is that as I read MS's knowledge database publications, there was a WMI error publication which resembles what I'm having as an issue post Service Pack 2. When I go to install it, it won't install because the system says that I have later updates than this one. I'll check out the UltimateBoot CD. Thank you for the suggestion. btw, sorry I'm just getting back to this...busy week! Happy Thanksgiving! I appreciate the suggestions!
  2. Before I bought SAS professional a few months ago, (no problems since) I beat back a WinAntivirus 2010 virus with research, thankfully Chrome wasn't polluted, file shredders and ultimately combofix and then mbam once I was able to regain control of the computer permissions. The computer is generally fine with these exceptions. Occasionally programs are very slow or are very, very slow to load. Most of the time they do fine once loaded other than some slowness which isn't consistent. Secondly, the Microsoft updates feature on my XP is fubar-ed. I can't even seem to go to Microsoft and manually update XP. Third, on boot/login I'll get WMI & logoui.exe errors. If I remember correctly the WMI error returns when I access some photo/video programs, like Photoshop. Whenever any of these errors occur, I'll either close the window or click the Debug button and go on. Fourth, sometimes I can't access taskmaster. SAS repair tool usually fixes it. Lastly, a lot of the time it seems like my hard drive is working (sound, light on the front of the computer) on something but nothing show up in taskmaster and the vast majority of the cpu is being used by Windows idle processes. It's nothing I'm not coping with, but it would be nice to have these things gone. Any suggestions, reference, etc.?
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