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  1. When the Portable version of SAS came out I was one of the first ones in line to purchase the tech license. I used it for while but found that the full version was far better than the portable version. I have been using it for the past year and wanted to see if it was better with the new v5. I remembered that the old version allowed updates this version doesn't. I serached the forums and found that this is a grip among other IT pros. There was talk about making a tech version of the portable software that would update and that you were looking at the first of the year for this to happen. I was wondering if the is going to happen. On another note wouldn't it be easier for there to be an option for us to login to download the tech license or use our license key to login and get it?
  2. I have run SAS in safe mode and normal mode and every time I run it I get GAIN showing up like 5000 times. I remove it and reboot run again and it shows up again. thanks, uByte
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