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  1. Which repair installation would you be referring to?
  2. Hi guys thanks for the replies. The Dell site provided me with a soundcard driver update and I downloaded it to a USB key and loaded it to my ailing desktop. It started installing until it tried to run InstallShield Wizard, when it gave this error: The InstallShield Engine (iKernel.exe) could not be launched. The RPC server is unavailable. I've got the soundblaster drivers cd as well but it doesn't autorun and I'm not sure which file to use. I just noticed that anything requiring Windows Installer does not run because it says there is a problem with it, and restarting the PC doesnt help this. System Restore doesn't work either. I'm starting to think my PC is doomed right now 'PCI Simple Communications Controller' - is that just for dial-up? My wireless internet adaptor isn't working either but it's listed as normal in Device Manager.
  3. Hi all, Firstly want to thank anyone who can provide me with any assistance. I installed SAS after noticing some random IE browser popups. I ran SAS's full scan and without a doubt it found quite a few things on my pc, both file items and registry ones (and once I get SAS working again I can tell you all exactly what it found). I quickly scanned through the findings and none of them seemed liked they needed any further consideration, so I quarantined all of them...and all was good on my computer - no more popups. A day or two later, after trying to watch a movie on my harddrive, I got an error msg saying there was no sound card or that it was improperly installed. I figured my pc just needed a restart, but after doing that not only did my sound not work, my internet was disabled as well. Since then I've been unable to get SAS to run properly again. I came to the website which provides different SAS versions to try if the original doesn't start. The different versions have started, but they randomly shut down after a few minutes of performing a scan. Same thing happened in safe mode. Right now I've got the SASSAFERUN.COM performing a scan on my pc and hopefully it doesn't shut down either. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do to try and reenable these things? A couple other things I've noticed is that: 1) in msconfig, under the Services tab, about 90% of the listed services have their status as "stopped" 2) in device manager, there is a expandable category listed as 'other devices' which contains 'Multimedia Audio Controller' & 'PCI Simple Communications Controller' - both of which have the big yellow question mark + exclamation mark icons to their left
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