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  3. Hi, I had a strange experience while updating the spyware definitions in the "SUPERAnitSpyware Free Edition" program. There was a banner ad at the bottom of the *PROGRAM* screen (not as part of a web browser page) advertising that I could "upgrade to the Professional version of the program for $9.95 1 PC/1 Year." When I clicked on this banner ad, my Chrome browser opened and Norton Internet Security Browser Protection (for Chrome) immediately blocked me from the special offer website with big red screen and the following warning message: " Malicious Site Blocked!You attempted to access:https://unanalytics.com/stats?hash=rsf1nuuhal41e7jq2hj0grpb9This web page is a known malicious web page. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page. Visit Norton to learn more about phishing and internet security." Is it possible I have a rouge/fake version of "SUPERAnitSpyware Free Edition" installed on my computer, or is there an explanation as to why "Norton Internet Security Browser Protection" (for Chrome) would flag a promotional website linked *within* the SAP Free Edition program as "unsafe"/"malicious"? I am posting PNG screenshots illustrating the promotional banner and the resulting "Phishing/Unsafe message from Norton Internet Security's Browser Protection (for "Chrome" browser) below, to illustrate my experience: ? Any help or insight into this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks so much. -CFguy
  4. When I run SUPERAntiSpyware is gets stuck in the same spot every time (see screencap below). Once "files scanned" hits that location, the JS folder, the program stops there no matter how long I let it run. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and this didn't change anything. Anyone know what's going on here?
  5. I am using the latest version of SUPERAntiSpyware downloaded just yesterday. I am still having the same problem : it runs for several minutes, finds several bugs, then gives me a little white screen saying an ERROR has occurred and stops. I have a screenshot I wish I could share here, but the max total size allowed is 0.49 MB. Please HELP! I was contacted by 'support' who suggested I try the Pro version instead of the Free version. I did that, but this time the program ran for OVER 24 HOURS before it froze. Revo Uninstaller was able to remove the program for me.
  6. Er. Ok, you're welcome?
  7. What exactly is the question BAkravitz
  8. Hi skyboard Try clearing the browser cache first and see if the scan works afterwards
  9. Had to reconfigure my PC. Needed to reinstall my life time subscription of superantispyware…. been a user for over a decade. Could not find my registration code … tried the first option … enter email and it will be sent.... 3 days later no email.... option 2 Tech support ticket... result …. no reply...… My lucky day... I found my registration info and am now all set. So my question … seems like there have been some changes …
  10. When I run SUPERAntiSpyware is gets stuck in the same spot every time (see screencap below). Once "files scanned" hits that location, the JS folder, the program stops there no matter how long I let it run. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and this didn't change anything. Anyone know what's going on here? https://i.imgur.com/Q0yMssG.jpg
  11. Hi all, I have been doing until my daily database definition updates. Today I managed to do a 100% download of the database updates but the program has been unable to decompress them thereafter. This results in a "Definition Update Failed". There is an error message "Failed To Load Rule Set" Anyone has any idea what's has gone wrong??? Ta
  12. I have been a LONG time user and really like this software but Im at the end of my patience. I keep getting error messages every time run it. It says there like 379 spywares to remove but I cant get to the end to remove them. It keeps stopping in the middle before its done. I was using the free version but I uninstalled it, reinstalled it, same thing. I uninstalled again and reinstalled the pro version and its doing the same thing. I dont mind paying for it if it works. Ive reached out to customer service like 5 times and its like 3-4 days before they answer each time. They told me to send them the logs zipped up of which I did and they never got back to me and that was like over a week ago. Sent a reminder and still nothing. Im at the end of the road, anybody have any ideas what could be causing this. Im using Windows 10 home. I get the error screen and send your optional email screen to report it. Thank you.
  13. You have no real setup information available for the CMS product. I installed the server application on my secondary domain controller. I have also installed the 64 bit client on 60+ systems. 19 systems seem to be working okay. 43 of those systems show red in the console window. Some have a red "X" next to the system name, some have a red "?". If you hover over the ones with a red "x" you see the message "'System_Name' has not checked in for a while. This workstation may be offline or encountering connectivity issues." If you hover over the ones with a red "?" you see the message "''System_Name' has never connected to this server. Tip: Install the CMS client on this machine or check for firewall/connectivity issues." All my systems have the same build, same hardware. Windows 10 Professional x64. So far, "support" has been pretty non-existant. Does anyone have this up and running? Any tips or tricks to get all the clients to connect? Thanks, Len
  14. Comprei o Superantispyware Professional para eliminar o Bet 365 que outros antivírus não detetavam. Para ficar livre desta praga, faço o Complete Scan; o Bet 365 é eliminado e posso usar meu computador sossegado por algum tempo; dali a pouco o Bet 365 volta! O Custom Scan não elimina o track vírus nem as verificações programadas! A única alternativa é fazer novamente o escaneamento completo! O programa, que deveria funcionar permanentemente, on line, não funciona!
  15. Over 70 views and no replies? Hmmm...might be an answer right there.
  16. I recently upgraded from Windows 7 pro to Windows 10 pro. Upgraded over the top of Windows 7. Had SAS free on Windows 7 and liked it. I had zero issues with functionality. While I do not surf the Internet all that frequently, SAS, on a weekly basis, usually detected 200+ cookies on my system and deleted them. When I upgraded to W10, SAS survived, although I lost my automatic weekly 'check for updates'. But most importantly, when I ran a scan, SAS only returned @ 20 hits. Since that W10 upgrade, SAS has never detected more than 40 cookies despite the fact that my browsing habits have not changed (perhaps become even a bit more frequent). I have seen others...on the TenForums...having the same experience. Does SAS work on Windows 10?
  17. When this happens, is there a SUPERAntiSpyware icon on your desktop? Are you able to do a complete uninstallation and then reinstallation? This will often resolve these kinds of issues.
  18. Hi Xsile No it's not defunct but there have been a few changes with some people leaving and (I assume) different positions being filled so much of the old responders are no longer around (again I assume), plus the fact that many people no longer come to forums for their issues which I think is just to the Automotive nature of Win 10 (it self repairs). I can't answer what's happening here as I have nothing to do with the systems all I can suggest is you keep hassling the team until you can get your answer they usually ask for a diagnostic to see what's going on to stop the install, also another tip for yourself to try would be to open up Task Manager or Process Explorer (if you have it) to see what's happening during install as it may be another program preventing it. I tend to lock threads that are either out of date or have no input, as far as other members helping out it would be great but forums are a dying breed now sadly so no-one bothers. They are also locked to prevent spam bots from auto posting in an open field. Are you selecting Run As Admin before installing as usually this can bypass the UAC box.
  19. I sent a tech support ticket a month ago and other then the immediate canned response I have received no further correspondence. Is SAS now defunct? The last update in announcements was a year ago. I have 5 lifetime keys that I bought back when you could buy lifetime keys and now SAS will not install at all on my windows 10 pro x64 Version 1909 Build 18363.535 machine. I also keep seeing in this forum all the threads being locked. Locking all the threads removes the ability for the forum comunity to help of other users. My issue is that when I attempt to install SAS I get the typical windows UAC popup screen asking to give permission, I grant permission then poof...nothing. No event log entries no nothing. SAS just does not installed or event attempt to install after granting the SAS installer permission. OK......Odd. Before I downloaded and tried to install the pro version...because my keys are all pro version keys and it was a no go. So I figured why not try the free installer instead. Well now SAS is installed. the free version installer worked.
  20. Yea! I know its pretty basic...... but its a first.... thanks Never Mind, it just came back yto me !
  21. Hi godmode8 I'm happy to leave it up as it adds a debating point for members. Well if you're using the Inter-webs (which you are) then everything you do is being monitored so unless you were to go 'off grid' then tracking of any kind will always be an issue. Section 2 of that definition states Any malicious software that is designed to take partial or full control of a computer's operation without the knowledge of it's user. This is not actually the case as the user clearly has the choice not to install the extra's nor does Google take control of a computer without the knowledge of it's user. In the case of Section 1 and Section 3 see my answer / opinion from the second quote. (I should point out this is only my opinion and does not represent those of SAS or Support.com). Would this not also apply to FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Yahoo, Outlook, Microsoft, Apple, Banks, Building Societies and so on. The list is endless, so I re-iterate, unless someone goes 'off grid' there really is no way of not being tracked and monitored these days. I'm sure more members will no doubt have their own opinions on the subject, do I like having to Custom Install things? No. Do I like having to select 'Got It' or 'Accept / Deny' with each website I visit? No. But it does appear to be a part of the web trends that exist and can be vital for a company that wishes to make money by allowing such options into their programs. I wish I had a product that was so popular it was picked by a big company to pay me money for (essentially) advertising their product / company.
  22. spyware spī′wâr n. Software that secretly gathers information about a person or organization. n. Any malicious software that is designed to take partial or full control of a computer's operation without the knowledge of its user. n. programs that surreptitiously monitor and report the actions of a computer user. By the very definition of Spyware from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Google and all of its wares are spyware in every respect. Yet you bundle their spyware browser Chrome, as an option in your installer. It just seems a bit contradictory to be doing business with a company that by all rights, should have all of its products in your spyware definition database. I get that they would just crush your company like an ant on the sidewalk if you were to take such a bold and pioneering measure, but knowledge is spreading of their invasive practices and a day is foreseeable when the public opinion will not be so strong for the likes of Google. A hard break will be needed for companies to maintain their reputations. Companies in the business of spyware removal will be questioned about why the public wasn't informed of this by them sooner and why some were, if fact, in bed with Google themselves. I'm sure that this will get taken down because that is just how things are dealt with anymore when someone has a controversial thought on the internet, but I just had to say it before I deleted your software after a good 10 years+ of what is a great program. However, I cannot stand with a business that bundles the very things that I use it to protect me from. It makes no sense.
  23. A couple days ago I tried emailing support to let them know that the digital signature on the SUPERAntiSpyware tech edition executable (.COM file) expired on Nov 14, 2019. I think due to that expiration, Symantec now quarantines the SAS .COM file as potential malware (Heuristic detection). Now when I pull down the 'latest' SUPERAntiSpyware Tech edition and try to run, it tells me that the signatures are out of date. So it doesn't seem like updates are working or being released appropriately. Is there an ETA on when these issues will be addressed? While SAS isn't our main product, we do use it as a 'sanity check' when Symantec cleans malware off a system to make sure nothing else was left behind.
  24. The definition update 15833 does no work like the previous one. Does anyone check to see if the update is functional before release?
  25. For the past several days the updates have not downloaded or updated. There is something wrong with the definition that is suppose to be the most recent. I tried to do it manually and the update was for the previous update. This is becoming a problem for subscribers of your software. I really hope that this can be resolved in the very near future. This also happens over the weekend. Sometimes there is no update for the entire weekend. I don't think the hackers and others take the weekend off. This has to get better.
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