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  4. my SAS premium alerts me that it has 'blocked' trojan.agent/gen-injector.process-2. (C:\windows\system32\svhost.exe). These alerts do not happened too often. When it does, the alerts repeat a number of times! As per SAS recommendations, I do a Complete Scan. I get Zero findings. Note: For some reason, near the end of my complete scan, my computer re-boots. However, when I choose to scan my computer (quick scan, or manual scan) SAS does a complete scan 'without' rebooting my computer. What is causes these alerts? Should I be concerned? UPDATE: today my alerts are happening frequently! I went into Safe Mode and using SAS, I did a complete scan of all my drives. There 10 adware findings, which I removed. Then I used Malwarebytes to perform a Threat scan on my C drive, there was zero findings. I rebooted my computer, and started getting SAS alerts that it has 'blocked' trojan.agent/gen-injector.process-2. (C:\windows\system32\svhost.exe). Same recommendations are asked, then after several minutes, my computer reboots. note: while SAS alerts pop up, my computer never fully loads all the drivers for some reason! this is not good at all. I will wait for some help, otherwise I will have to take my computer to a computer repair shop for help.
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  6. On successful download of free version software, the process fails to expand the file and gives an error code of 0. Complete uninstall, clean and re-install did not help. Running Windows 7, 32-bit O/S. Any suggestions? Tnx _HDB
  7. Me too. Problem is happening on two different computers. I have uninstalled, and reinistalled in a different directory, it did nothing. Every time I send the error report and nothing is getting fixed.
  8. Right on, thanks Ultra Male!
  9. Thank you for your reply. I PMed you.
  10. Hi Ultra Male, Sorry you're having trouble getting through to us. Could you please PM me your license key and/or original invoice # and I'll see what I can do. Thanks! Geoff
  11. I have a life time license and I am not using it on any computer. I tried installing it on my laptop now and I got a message that my key is blacklisted. I contacted support via email but didn't get a reply since 5 days. I also contacted them via Twitter and no response. What's going on with this company?
  12. Hello: Recently I was doing a search within a search trying to find online car service manual. I opened up some files and agreed to allow access to my computer, (Biggggg MistakeEEEE). After getting most of the junk out of my computer, i now notice that when i run SUPERAntiSpyware it doesn't detect any spyware. (I am using the free version). Could the stuff i downloaded somehow rendered SUPERAntiSpyware to not discover threats? I thank anyone who can help me in this issue ahead of time.
  13. Hello. Automatic download and installation of new version are not working;even with the SAS_ForceUpdate.exe;even if this file is in the SAS program folder;even if it's run with adminitrative rights. "Check and install new version are checked;and update is allowed through the Firewall. My OS is Windows 10,v. 1903,64 bits My SAS version is 8.0.1038 and data base version is 15602. How to resolve this important problem? Regards
  14. Updates of the DB are working fine now (automatically and manually by opening SAS): I'm now on the latest version 15602. So yes, the issue seems to be fixed now.
  15. Thanks for the heads-up. I just opened SAS and asked for the DB update and it worked. Now I am up to date at 15601. Look like someone was able to fix the issue.
  16. Just updated to the newest definition update 15601. The program did the update itself. Go figure....
  17. Thanks for the info; based on your experience I will certainly not try a manual (forced) database update (downloads can be found on this page). I'm still on DB version 15598 and SAS tells me I'm up to date .... (and we know that this is not correct). There seems to be some kind of bug in the update procedure; hopefully someone from SAS will give us an explanation very soon.
  18. So I got myself to: SAS version 8.081040 Database Definitions: 15598 By doing the Manual update of the SAS version from the website. Then I got a reply from Customer support that asked me to run the Force Update tool and they sent me the link. I ran the tool and it set my Definitions back to 15595! Wow , now I am really confused. It shouldn't be so hard!
  19. I just did the exact same thing. Rather than wait for a notification, just like you I manually updated to version 8.0.1040(installation over the top) AND asked for database check. And just like you it only takes me to 15598 instead of the 15601 that is listed as available. Thanks for all your input. It helps !
  20. Hi KEL1, I updated manually to version 8.0.1040 (installation over the top) AND asked for a database check. However, as mentioned previously, database updated to version 15598 only (I just see that the latest one is now 15601 already!). And I can confirm: with SAS version 8.0.1038, the database version stays at 15595. Hopefully SAS reacts quickly on this annoying issue.
  21. Based on your note I looked and my SAS version is still at 8.0.138. It looks like an update was posted yesterday, however , I have not been notified and can not update yet. I also , still can not get definition updates above 15595. Maybe when I get the notification to update to SAS 8.0.1040 , it will then allow definition updates. Maybe someone from SAS will let us know. Thanks for your comments.
  22. Hi, I have a similar problem: I just updated SAS Pro to latest version 8.0.1040 and database version is now 15598 but should be 15600 ... ( Win10 1903 - Build 18362.207) Thanks for your help!
  23. The last time Definition updates happened was 6/24/2019 15595. According to the website the newest is 6/25/2019 15600. Looks like no updates from 6/25/2019 are being allowed to post. I tried requesting updates and it tells me I am up to date with 15595. I also tried the Manual Definition update , but nothing updates. It stays at 15595.. What Am I doing wrong? Thank you for your help!
  24. Oh, it's really a pity... Actually I had to uninstall SAS because I hadn't got any replies. But it's quite an annoying problem I see. And if you work in any other browser, it happens any way?
  25. I assume that most trackers are saved in the specific browser's data folder or cache. If that is correct, what browser's trackers can you find? Vivaldi? Brave? Opera? Cliqz? Edge? Also, do you also check for Flash trackers? Thanks
  26. Thanks for the information and suggestions, I will perform the second scan you suggest. Have a great day.
  27. it should auto remove the file items usually these are just browsing cookies. best way is to clear your browser and run a second scan without surfing the net to see if the detections are still showing.
  28. Greetings, after scanning my laptop, in the Scan Log of SUPERAntiSpyware, I have the following diagnosis: SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log https://www.superantispyware.com Generated 06/09/2019 at 03:34 AM Application Version : 8.0.1038 Database Version : 15563 Scan type : Complete Scan Total Scan Time : 02:07:38 Operating System Information Windows 10 Professional 32-bit (Build 10.00.17134) UAC On - Limited User Memory items scanned : 932 Memory items detected : 0 Registry items scanned : 20586 Registry items detected : 0 File items scanned : 23025 File items detected : 3130 I would like to know if the FILES ITEMS DETECTED have already been removed, or if I have to take any additional action. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  29. I have the same issue. It's mildly irritating. My desktop computer is left to backup overnight and automatically scan at 2.00 am. I'm sure the whole thing used to complete automatically before. Now I have to complete in the morning. (#firstworldproblems)
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