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  4. Hi godmode8 I'm happy to leave it up as it adds a debating point for members. Well if you're using the Inter-webs (which you are) then everything you do is being monitored so unless you were to go 'off grid' then tracking of any kind will always be an issue. Section 2 of that definition states Any malicious software that is designed to take partial or full control of a computer's operation without the knowledge of it's user. This is not actually the case as the user clearly has the choice not to install the extra's nor does Google take control of a computer without the knowledge of it's user. In the case of Section 1 and Section 3 see my answer / opinion from the second quote. (I should point out this is only my opinion and does not represent those of SAS or Support.com). Would this not also apply to FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Yahoo, Outlook, Microsoft, Apple, Banks, Building Societies and so on. The list is endless, so I re-iterate, unless someone goes 'off grid' there really is no way of not being tracked and monitored these days. I'm sure more members will no doubt have their own opinions on the subject, do I like having to Custom Install things? No. Do I like having to select 'Got It' or 'Accept / Deny' with each website I visit? No. But it does appear to be a part of the web trends that exist and can be vital for a company that wishes to make money by allowing such options into their programs. I wish I had a product that was so popular it was picked by a big company to pay me money for (essentially) advertising their product / company.
  5. spyware spī′wâr n. Software that secretly gathers information about a person or organization. n. Any malicious software that is designed to take partial or full control of a computer's operation without the knowledge of its user. n. programs that surreptitiously monitor and report the actions of a computer user. By the very definition of Spyware from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Google and all of its wares are spyware in every respect. Yet you bundle their spyware browser Chrome, as an option in your installer. It just seems a bit contradictory to be doing business with a company that by all rights, should have all of its products in your spyware definition database. I get that they would just crush your company like an ant on the sidewalk if you were to take such a bold and pioneering measure, but knowledge is spreading of their invasive practices and a day is foreseeable when the public opinion will not be so strong for the likes of Google. A hard break will be needed for companies to maintain their reputations. Companies in the business of spyware removal will be questioned about why the public wasn't informed of this by them sooner and why some were, if fact, in bed with Google themselves. I'm sure that this will get taken down because that is just how things are dealt with anymore when someone has a controversial thought on the internet, but I just had to say it before I deleted your software after a good 10 years+ of what is a great program. However, I cannot stand with a business that bundles the very things that I use it to protect me from. It makes no sense.
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  7. A couple days ago I tried emailing support to let them know that the digital signature on the SUPERAntiSpyware tech edition executable (.COM file) expired on Nov 14, 2019. I think due to that expiration, Symantec now quarantines the SAS .COM file as potential malware (Heuristic detection). Now when I pull down the 'latest' SUPERAntiSpyware Tech edition and try to run, it tells me that the signatures are out of date. So it doesn't seem like updates are working or being released appropriately. Is there an ETA on when these issues will be addressed? While SAS isn't our main product, we do use it as a 'sanity check' when Symantec cleans malware off a system to make sure nothing else was left behind.
  8. The definition update 15833 does no work like the previous one. Does anyone check to see if the update is functional before release?
  9. For the past several days the updates have not downloaded or updated. There is something wrong with the definition that is suppose to be the most recent. I tried to do it manually and the update was for the previous update. This is becoming a problem for subscribers of your software. I really hope that this can be resolved in the very near future. This also happens over the weekend. Sometimes there is no update for the entire weekend. I don't think the hackers and others take the weekend off. This has to get better.
  10. jvcroft


    I tried two different browsers Chrome/Edge and neither of them worked.
  11. I have sent 3 online support inquiries with no replies. I've been trying since last week do update my subscription, but the card gets stuck in 'processing' and never goes thru. Usually the support is within hours. I've been trying to get some help for a week now. Please advise.
  12. Yes I have, but am trying again. Maybe I'l have some luck!!!
  13. Hi, Have you created a Support ticket? Go to https://www.superantispyware.com/technical-support.html Tell them what your problem is and hopefully they will help. Regards
  14. I am having the same issues, emailed Tech Supp over 3 months ago & no reply. Have the lifetime License & need to this fixed ASAP. Downgrades to FREE version. Upgraded my computer/HDD recently & can no longer register as the Pro Version. Please help, thanks!
  15. Yes, I was given a new serial number as it appears my old one had/has been compromised. Regards Pank
  16. If you are still having this issue can you please email me your diagnostic files from C:\ProgramData\SUPERAntiSpyware.com\SUPERAntiSpyware\AppLogs I can look at these and see what’s going on.
  17. Make sure that all of the web browsers are closed while the scan is running.
  18. This sounds like expected behavior. You might want to try turning down the scan boost settings.
  19. This is something that we are looking into.
  20. Often times, making sure that having all of the web browsers closed will resolve issues like this. Sometimes it will fight the web browser over posession of the cookie files.
  21. People who are having this issue, Please email me your diagnostic log files from this location C:\ProgramData\SUPERAntiSpyware.com\SUPERAntiSpyware\AppLogs I can look at these and see what’s going on.
  22. Running as administrator is a good first step. If this doesn't help. Sometimes doing the installation in safe mode will help.
  23. I don't understand why an issue that prevents an installation isn't a priority with you! Why is this not an issue for those that installed successfully??? HELP! Found answer in another General post from a year or so ago... RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR Sorry, just getting my sea legs in this forum. Thanks again
  24. I have a clean Win 10 system w/o SAS and I get this same "Error creating shortcut, aborting installation" > How did this get resolve for phineasbogg. I've tried everything on the Windows side. Thanks, Bill Found answer buried in another general post from a year or so ago, Duh!! ----- RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR !!! Just learning how to use this forum. Thanks again
  25. I don't receive those logs as I don't work for SAS or Support.com so hopefully the team will find an answer for you.
  26. It might be,i don't know.I sent logs everytime.You can get the information out of there.I uninstalled it the how much days i have left pleassse buy this i geet annoyed by it.I hope you find a fix.
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