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Something added to startup?

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4 hours ago, crazybird said:

Wow, just saw the solution! Thanks!

Just be aware that you will now never get a message, even when something - possibly malicious - is being added!

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On 11/15/2018 at 6:27 PM, geoff said:

Hi Everybody,

Sorry for the confusion.  If you are having problems with this new feature, you can easily disable the notifications by unchecking the box "Notify me when a startup item is added" under the Real-Time Protection page.


Our development team is currently investigating how to better present the information provided in the notifications.  Note that all new installs of SAS 8 now have this option unchecked by default.



I see what you are saying, but why do I get this message at least once, and usually multiple times, per day?  I am not adding anything. I have a Professional Subscription, daily update, nightly scan in Windows 10.

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On 11/30/2018 at 10:49 AM, DC Scotland said:

I am having the same issue, using Windows 8.1/Opera/SAS Free.  It happens on every occasion that I receive a new message notification from either Gmail or Whatsapp Web.  I have reinstalled SAS, but the issue persists.

Since an update to Opera a couple of days ago, I no longer have the issue.

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Hi all,

I have also been having this issue. If this the official forum for SUPERSpyware? If it is, I am VERY surprised that they would recommend turning off all notifications! I am writing a week after the last post, and the problem has STILL not been fixed, and they want us to let our guard down to solve the issue. NOT a good solution. Surprised that a security company would recommend this. Time for a new security company?!!

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