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    SAS won't run

    Windows 10 Home I've used SAS for years. It was working and recently when I tried to start it I got a window telling me a problem caused it to stop working. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and it's been working fine for about a month and now suddenly I'm getting the same thing again. Anyone know why this is?
  2. Nikilet

    SAS won't run

    When I first open it. It starts out by running the update and right away I get the screenshot I showed you. So pretty much within seconds of the program opening I get the box telling me it has stopped working.
  3. Nikilet

    (Solved) Does sasw work with Windows 10?

    I found that SAS has it's own removal tool so I downloaded that. So I uninstalled again, then reinstalled, planning to use the removal tool to uninstall. However, after reinstalling i decided to first try to open. This time it opened and ran. A couple hours later I was again successful in opening the program so I am assuming that whatever was happening has been taken care of. If I have trouble again I will get back to the forum. Thanks for answering.
  4. I could not get the program to open so I uninstalled and reinstalled it. It then opened and started scanning. I left and when I came back is said some problem had caused it to stop running. Then I tried to open it again and once again, it won't open at all.
  5. I have a new Toshiba Satellite P875 with plenty of power but when I'm running a scan with SAS I can not open anything else. Tonight, I tried opening Chrome, then IE, my Hoyle card games, the Help book for my computer, task manager. I could open a folder with no problem, but if I tried to open a file the little circle would spin for a second like it was going to open and then just go dead. Previous to running the SAS scan I ran full scans with both Malwarebytes and Emsisoft Anti Virus and while those programs were scanning I had no problem being on the Internet, or playing cards; I was able to open anything I wanted to open. I have a Dell desktop and I do not have that problem with the Dell, even tho it's older and doesn't have the power this laptop does. I've had this problem repeatedly and decided to finally come here and ask about it. Thanks for any help offered.
  6. I have all my protection software scheduled to perform regular scans. However, I was going to back everything up to my external today using Macrium Reflect so decided to run all scans (SAS, MBAM and avast!) before I did this. I ran MBAM, then started the avast! scan and for some reason I noticed that my SAS icon was not in my taskbar. I went to Start/All Programs and when I tried to start the program I got a window stating "Unable to locate SUPERAntiSpyware Program files." So then I went to Computer/Program Files and opened SUPERAntiSpyware and tried to start if from there and got the same thing. I know this program has been running, recently, and I don't have a clue what could have happened here. I am the only one who uses this computer. Can someone please help me ASAP? I don't know whether I should re-install, or what! P.S. I just thought of something else that I've been wondering about. I have SAS Pro on all three of my computers and I've been noticing lately that is takes a long time for it to remove threats after the scan is finished. All I've had showing for a long time are tracking cookies, but is it supposed to take so long for SAS to remove them? I ran SAS on another computer and it found 62 tracking cookies. That has been over 10 minutes ago and it is still removing these items. I noticed this same thing yesterday on a different computer.
  7. Nikilet

    SAS finds PUP.bProtector

    SAS was doing a scan and find 9 instances of PUP.bProtector. I was going back and forth between watching the scan and checking online for this threat and next thing I know SAS is starting all over again it again finding those 9 threats -- it's still running. It just did it again. A window popped up in front of me telling me there are no threats checked to quarantine. It's like this PUP thing is now allowing it to check this and remove it. Can anyone help with this?
  8. Two scans ran today and they both detected 55 threats (cookies). Apparently, if I am not at my computer the scan screen just disappears and nothing is done. Is that correct? If so, I sure don't like that feature. I schedule the scans because I leave my computer on 24/7 (except when it's storming) and I'm often not at my computer when a scan finishes. If I'm not thinking right could someone please enlighten me? I've used SAS free for a long time and recently purchased the Pro version.
  9. Because if the problem with SAS detecting avast components as Trojans, I had to un- and reinstall both programs. Ever since I reinstalled SAS there is a background on the window when it opens, little boxes with black triangles in them. I did a scan and it seems to work, but can anyone tell me what to do about this background?
  10. I posted earlier. Thought everything was ok. Then I had to do a restart and after that Avast is again completely disabled. I'm running a scan with SAS right now. It did not find any of these avast-related Trojans so I don't know what's going on. I guess I will uninstall SAS, uninstall Avast again and then reinstall both and see what happens. UPDATE: I just un- and reinstalled Avast for the second time today, and un- and reinstalled SAS. I did a scan with SAS and all was ok. Now I'm going to do a restart again and if I have to start this process for a third time I may have to say good-bye to SAS.
  11. I too am having problems, but mine seem a little more complicated than what I've read below. I have been using the free SUPERAntiSpyware for quite a long time and finally purchased it. If this isn't fixed, I want my money back. On my main desktop, after I scanned and then quarantined/removed these Trojan infections, I rebooted and that action completely disabled Avast. I had to go through the whole process of uninstalling and reinstalling, and then everything was fine, until I opened SAS, when I got the warning window all over again. I just disabled it. I have an older Gateway laptop on which I also have SAS and Avast. When I scanned I got the same 16 Trojan infections found on my desktop. After quarantining then I did NOT reboot. Avast continued to work; I did a scan with it. When I rescanned with SAS it showed that nothing was found. However, back to my desktop, where the problem doesn't seem to be going away. It seems to have gotten rid of the problem on my little laptop, but not on my desktop. I just opened SAS again and clicked to scan. It is finding the problems all over again and I've got the warning again. I can't seem to attach a file here. Every time I try it says: Error The server returned an error during upload. Update: I downloaded and installed the updates mentioned above, but so far SAS is still finding 3 of these Trojans. Update: I ran SAS yet again and this time it came out clear. Now I just hope when I have to restart it doesn't disable my Avast again.
  12. Nikilet

    Question about scans

    If my computer has 1 administrator and 2 standard user accounts on the C drive, when I scan with Superantispyware, does that scan include all accounts, or just the account I am working in?
  13. Nikilet

    Question about scans

    tommie4wiley: I think you should start your own topic to ask your question. You probably aren't going to get a very good response by tacking it onto this one because I have already received my answer.
  14. Nikilet

    Question about scans

    9 views - no answers. Please folks. If I knew the answer I wouldn't ask. Do I need to open each user account and scan?
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    Windows Vista Home Premium / 32 bit / 2 GB RAM / Avast Internet Security / IE8 / I have been running SuperAntispyware Free for some time. I have changed my antivirus to Avast Internet Security and I would like to know if SuperAntispyware Pro will run alongside this program, with its real time protection enabled, without problems. PC Tools' Spyware Doctor will not. Thank you.
  16. When I opened SUPERAntiSpyware tonight to run a scan I updated, and then the little box popped up in the taskbar telling me there was a program update. I selected to run the update now and I got another box telling me this has to be done from an account with Administrator privileges. I am operating out of an Administrator's account. I've been running this program for some time and have never had any problem with this before. Can someone please help me figure this out? Thanks
  17. Nikilet

    Problem with program update

    THank you very much for this valuable information. Unless this is something new, I've been instructed in the past to un- and reinstall and have never received this info. And the instructions received previously have come from tech support, not from the forum.
  18. Nikilet

    Problem with program update

    Thank you. I've saved your instructions and will try that if it happens again. I wanted to do a scan so I un- and then reinstalled the program.
  19. I recommended SUPERAntispyware to a friend of mine who runs Windows XP. She was having a problem in files multiplying themselves witin her trash can and then not being able to empty it. I told her to scan with her SUPERAntispyware. She did and it found TROJAN.AGENT/GEN. Afterwards she was able to empty her trash can, with the exception of one file which she said was a dll file. She says the file doesn not show up in her trash can even tho it says it's in there. I know she would never have placed a dll file in her trash can so I'm guessing that this trojan might have been in that dll file. In researching this for my friend I came across another instance of someone having this trojan and it was located in a System32/dll file. However, I use SUPER also and I've never seen it actually remove files. It only quarantines them, doesn't it? If that is the case, if she were to remove those quarantined files then she might also remove this dll file and her computer would likely crash. So, does SUPER either clean or remove files or only quarantine them ... and is there any way to clean this dll file? Thank you.
  20. Nikilet

    Quarantined Items

    I have Vista Home Premium. I am presently using the free version of SuperAntispyware. Today's scan found 8 tracking cookies and I assumed they were placed in quarantine, however, I can't find the quarantine file. In the Help files it says to click on "Manage Quarantine Items" but I can't locate this. Can someone help me out? Thank you Cindy
  21. Nikilet

    Quarantined Items

    Just wanted to thank you for your quick response.