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  1. This issue should now be resolved. You can download and install from the SUPERAntiSpyware Professional installer linked below: http://cdn.superantispyware.com/SUPERAntiSpywarePro.exe Thank you for your submissions.
  2. SUPERsupport

    SAS 6.0.1264 crashes in Win10

    Hello DeanH, Please continue using SAS with Safe Mode Scan enabled.
  3. SUPERsupport

    SAS 6.0.1264 crashes in Win10

    Try check-marking this box under the Troubleshooting section of the Help and Information section of SUPERAntiSpyware: Safe Mode Scan Does enabling Safe Mode Scan produce a crash?
  4. Without any additional information to go off of such as a screenshot I suspect you are getting a Windows Scheduler issue, because it is an issue with a component of Windows OS we do not have a fix for this. If you would like a refund PM me with your information.
  5. Hello SimC, Can you provide us a screenshot of the error message? Thanks!
  6. SUPERsupport

    SAS 6.0.1264 crashes in Win10

    Hello DeanH, Does the issue occur during a scan?
  7. Come check it out at https://www.superantispyware.com/
  8. SUPERsupport

    How can I delete the SUPERDelete files?

    Hello SyniZure, Thank you for contacting us. SUPERDelete moves the file to a separate directory, attempts to delete them, adds them to a list of files to be removed on reboot. You should try rebooting their computer to see if the driver level can remove the files.
  9. SUPERsupport

    no Memory items detected

    Are you referring to cookie detections? If you use Mozilla Firefox extensions that clean them out or block them, or you frequently delete cache/history with Firefox or have it set to do so on browser close, or you use software such as CCleaner frequently you will not find cookies with SUPERAntiSpyware.
  10. Hello Daniele, If you wish to send our malware Research team a sample, please use the SUPERSampleSubmit tool which may be downloaded here:SUPERSampleSubmit Sample Submission Utility
  11. SUPERAntiSpyware 6.0.1264 is now available for downloading from our main site and the update servers. Technology Changes Service release Misc. bug fixes
  12. SUPERsupport

    version 6.0.1264

    Quick update: The professional installer wizard pages were not in the correct sequence, we have updated the download on the web server to fix the issue.
  13. SUPERsupport

    version 6.0.1264

    Hello DooGie, Thank you for the details, I have forwarded this information on to our product development team.
  14. SUPERsupport

    version 6.0.1264

    Hello DooGie, The option is still available, below is a screenshot from the latest installation wizard from the free edition. All you have to do is click "Browse" to change the default installation folder:
  15. SUPERsupport

    no Memory items detected

    Hello Pkir, I am not sure if I understand your question. If you are not infected with anything you will not find any items running in memory, the scan log you provided shows no detections.