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  1. Come check it out at https://www.superantispyware.com/
  2. SUPERsupport

    How can I delete the SUPERDelete files?

    Hello SyniZure, Thank you for contacting us. SUPERDelete moves the file to a separate directory, attempts to delete them, adds them to a list of files to be removed on reboot. You should try rebooting their computer to see if the driver level can remove the files.
  3. SUPERsupport

    no Memory items detected

    Are you referring to cookie detections? If you use Mozilla Firefox extensions that clean them out or block them, or you frequently delete cache/history with Firefox or have it set to do so on browser close, or you use software such as CCleaner frequently you will not find cookies with SUPERAntiSpyware.
  4. Hello Daniele, If you wish to send our malware Research team a sample, please use the SUPERSampleSubmit tool which may be downloaded here:SUPERSampleSubmit Sample Submission Utility
  5. SUPERAntiSpyware 6.0.1264 is now available for downloading from our main site and the update servers. Technology Changes Service release Misc. bug fixes
  6. SUPERsupport

    version 6.0.1264

    Quick update: The professional installer wizard pages were not in the correct sequence, we have updated the download on the web server to fix the issue.
  7. SUPERsupport

    version 6.0.1264

    Hello DooGie, Thank you for the details, I have forwarded this information on to our product development team.
  8. SUPERsupport

    version 6.0.1264

    Hello DooGie, The option is still available, below is a screenshot from the latest installation wizard from the free edition. All you have to do is click "Browse" to change the default installation folder:
  9. SUPERsupport

    no Memory items detected

    Hello Pkir, I am not sure if I understand your question. If you are not infected with anything you will not find any items running in memory, the scan log you provided shows no detections.
  10. SUPERsupport

    Had to re-install SAS Pro

    Hello Yardbird, If you have the software installed and it is running you should have the SUPERAntiSpyware system tray icon (the bug running near your clock). Sometimes you need to click the up triangle arrow near the system clock to see it.
  11. Frequently we here at SUPERAntiSpyware HQ still encounter users who use Windows XP and Windows Vista and we have one thing to say, its time to move on. Yes it may have served you well and change is hard but it is for the better. Windows XP extended support ended on April 8, 2014 and Windows Vista extended support ended on April 11, 2017. These operating systems are now declared end of life and unsupported by Microsoft and no longer receive regular updates. As Microsoft has stated on their website: On top of Microsoft no longer supporting Windows Vista and XP, many software vendors no longer support these operating system either. The current versions of the popular web browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox no longer support these operating systems forcing many users to use outdated versions or extremely old versions of Internet Explorer which is rife with security flaws. Not good! We recommend all users of these unsupported operating systems update to at least Windows 7, if not 8.1 and 10. This will ensure your data is more secure and less likely to be stolen or destroyed by hackers or malware infections.
  12. SUPERAntiSpyware 6.0.1262 is now available for downloading from our main site and the update servers. Technology Changes Service release Misc. bug fixes Improvements to in-product performance and quality assurance telemetry
  13. Thank you for pointing out the typo we will fix that right away. Please open a ticket HERE so we can take a look at your update settings.
  14. SUPERsupport

    No detections ever!

    You are most likely not infected with anything and therefore would not detect an infection
  15. Please run our Force Update Tool It will force your SUPERAntiSpyware application to update to the latest version of the software and the latest definitions.