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    SAS hangs on a scan after update

    Thank you so much for trying to help, Siliconman01, but I tried everything and it didnt work, SAS is stuck again on one file for more than an hour, just submitted a request. P.S. Sorry for posting it in the wrong place, I guess I was so desperate, just wanted to resolve the issue ASAP
  2. SuperAntiSpyware hangs several seconds after I begin scanning the computer, always on the same folder c:\windows32\. It worked before, but not anymore, looks like the latest update has something to do with it, I havent made any other changes to my computer since the last scan. I've got windows 7 home premium, 64 -bit operating system. I thought I had a problem with SAS before when it would start the IE window with SAS product release history, well, looks like latest update got rid of that problem for me, but it also stopped scanning the computer. Any help would be good! Thank you for your time.