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    Constant error message during scan

    We are back All is well with SAS and I have already done 3 of my 5 computers.
  2. This is a Pro Version that has been installed since 2012 and has done several scans every day since then. I have never gotten an error message before and am coming to you for help because I don't have a clue what to do. This is a Windows 7 x64 computer and I have completely uninstalled SAS and reinstalled with the same results. I have not installed any new programs yesterday or today. Anyone have any idea what my next move should be? Thanks
  3. jadinolf

    Constant error message during scan

    All is good. Many thanks. Now I can take Fred III (my avatar) for his walk.
  4. jadinolf

    Constant error message during scan

    Thanks Don't see anything yet. I'm patient.
  5. jadinolf

    Constant error message during scan

    I was afraid no one would see my post so I'm surprised when I got responses. Waiting for the update now.
  6. jadinolf

    Constant error message during scan

    Well, thanks to both of you for your replies. That's good news and a relief for me and many others, I'm sure. Most appreciated. Enjoy the weekend.
  7. jadinolf

    What the heck is wrong with Sas Free

    I'll be darned. That's a first for me.
  8. jadinolf

    Clarification re: PUPs

    SAS Pro For the last three mornings my first scan of the day has found 10 PUPs and I get the message that nothing has been added to Quarantine. Maybe I'm really dumb but I can't figure out how to get rid of them, Any idea why they are there every morning? Never had them before. Thanks
  9. jadinolf

    Clarification re: PUPs

    Sorry, graphic didn't load. Oh yes, I also installed Spyware Blaster which I haven't used in a long time. Don't know if this helped.
  10. jadinolf

    Clarification re: PUPs

    Well, here we go. I Googled PUP and found that they came along with the installation of another program. Looking at when the PUPs started, I checked to see what program I had installed about 5/18/2013 and the closest i could find was Mozbackup on 5/14. I hen located two bits of malware that were installed on 5/14 - White Smoke New Tool Bar and Search Protect by Conduit. They are gone now and today's scan result is shown here. I am usually so careful about installing junk along with good programs. I did not see any of the malware I mentioned during installation of Mozbackup. The malware is gone and so is Mozbackup.
  11. jadinolf

    Clarification re: PUPs

    It's a scheduled scan- the first one of the day, which runs at 8:00 A.M. I may have more to report tomorrow morning since I found things that should not have been on my hard drive.
  12. jadinolf

    Clarification re: PUPs

    Today there were 8 and I was given the opportunity to delete them so we are making progress.edit: A manual scan was run later and SAS found two PUPs, so the total for the day was again 10. I have 5 computers in use and this is the only one picking up these PUPs.
  13. jadinolf

    Trojan.Agents. detected

    Thanks for the mess, SAS. Now my main (Windows 7) computer will not connect to any server besides gmail- no mail, no Internet. I have 6 SAS Pro licenses. A lot of good they are doing me. If anyone can help me connect to servers, it would be greatly appreciated. I can't seem to do it on my own. Yes, I have uninstalled SAS.
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    Hey to my new buddies

    Hello Claw. Happy to meet you.
  15. jadinolf

    Another scheduled scan suggestion

    Thanks to all who agreed with me in private messages. I loved hearing from several people who agree with me.
  16. Please excuse me if this has already been brought up. I couldn't find it. I have 5 lifetime licenses. So often, when I turn on one of my computers and leave the room, I come back to find a message that I have missed a scheduled scan. I OK it and wait until the scan is done, or at least until it has started. Is it possibe, to change the program upon start up that the scan could be started without the user manually doing it? Would be very helpful. Thanks for reading.
  17. jadinolf

    v. 5.0

    I have it on all 5 computers and it is working fine. Cannot imagine what's holding up the SAS folks. Maybe tomorrow. (I'm not really a newbie)
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    Problem solved with registry fix from tech support. Many thanks guys.
  19. jadinolf


    Same problem here and I have seen nothing that fixed it. I have a support ticket working but no help. I'm getting so don't like making registry changes that do nothing.