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  2. Thanks a lot . this is the last one . What is Scan Boost ?! Should I enable it ?!
  3. How long does it usually take for someone to reply in this forum? It's been already 4 days. I do not mean to be impatient and I appreciate the existence of this forum. But there must be someone who knows why this is happening, unless it is a bug and then it should be addressed, as it appears to be a serious one. Do you reckon I should report it as a bug? Any help will be really appreciated.
  4. Can you post a link as I don't know exactly what you're speaking of other than the Decentralised browser which is used more for advertising purposes. If this is the one you're talking about then it's probably because it's Decentralised and doesn't have a great deal of use with centralised search engines, it's a similar thing with LBRY.io
  5. Hi Diane, You could try checking in a few places. 1) System Investigator - select Use Custom Categories for This Report and select Windows User Startup, run the scan to see what shows up. 2) Scan Logs (although this may not tell you much but it's worth a try). 3) Real Time Protection area, it may show a list of start up changes.
  6. Scans for PUP's and various small non Malware related programs that may have been installed, often these are legit programs that have been installed via another programs download. This scans files that have recently been modified due to either malware or overwritten due to updates. Using this function will only scan those files not the entire system. Rescue scan is used when you have a heavily infected system whereby a large number of changes have been made to the system causing issues almost everywhere from browsers not opening to the correct page(s) set or if other programs are struggling to open for no reason whatsoever (usually malware related). It will set everything back to it's default setting depending which options you have chosen to correct.
  7. Hi, I just wanted to ask why SAS doesn't detect the tracking cookies when I directly scan just the Mozilla firefox profile folder. That is, if I go to Appdata/roaming and right click on Mozilla folder and scan with SAS, nothing is detected, but when I do a complete or quick scan several tracking cookies are detected in the profile folder (cookies.sqlite). Is there a way to scan just fireox and not the whole PC? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi I have some questions (sorry I cannot speak English well) what do these options do ? 1)scan for frequently unwanted programs . 2)only scan recently modified files . And What is rescue scan ?!
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  10. A spammer from the 'greygrey' zone brought me back here. So I prowled around the site and read the advice Guilty Spark gave One_II_Coding [ as far over my head as the truth of SARS-CoV-2 ] which led me to tgigeeks.boards.net which led me to the web browser 'boogle'. Has anyone tried it? I have and it seems OK. Nothing special about me, but why have I never heard of it or seen it mentioned? Has anyone ever heard of it? Why is there so little information on it via the major search engines > = goolil, bingle, yeehoo, dickygeegee.... ? It even looks though it has a potential VPN capacity? Should we be supporting and promoting it ?
  11. This morning when I booted up my PC, I got a message about a new item was added to Startup. I did the recommended scan. Nothing but some cookies showed up. My question is where do I look in SAS logs to find out just what the new "Startup" item was. Thanks
  12. I have just sent an email to someone regarding this, I will post back here when I know more.
  13. When do you expect to support EDGE Chromium. It is GA now
  14. Hi, I had a strange experience while updating the spyware definitions in the "SUPERAnitSpyware Free Edition" program. There was a banner ad at the bottom of the *PROGRAM* screen (not as part of a web browser page) advertising that I could "upgrade to the Professional version of the program for $9.95 1 PC/1 Year." When I clicked on this banner ad, my Chrome browser opened and Norton Internet Security Browser Protection (for Chrome) immediately blocked me from the special offer website with big red screen and the following warning message: " Malicious Site Blocked!You attempted to access:https://unanalytics.com/stats?hash=rsf1nuuhal41e7jq2hj0grpb9This web page is a known malicious web page. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page. Visit Norton to learn more about phishing and internet security." Is it possible I have a rouge/fake version of "SUPERAnitSpyware Free Edition" installed on my computer, or is there an explanation as to why "Norton Internet Security Browser Protection" (for Chrome) would flag a promotional website linked *within* the SAP Free Edition program as "unsafe"/"malicious"? I am posting PNG screenshots illustrating the promotional banner and the resulting "Phishing/Unsafe message from Norton Internet Security's Browser Protection (for "Chrome" browser) below, to illustrate my experience: ? Any help or insight into this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks so much. -CFguy
  15. When I run SUPERAntiSpyware is gets stuck in the same spot every time (see screencap below). Once "files scanned" hits that location, the JS folder, the program stops there no matter how long I let it run. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and this didn't change anything. Anyone know what's going on here?
  16. I am using the latest version of SUPERAntiSpyware downloaded just yesterday. I am still having the same problem : it runs for several minutes, finds several bugs, then gives me a little white screen saying an ERROR has occurred and stops. I have a screenshot I wish I could share here, but the max total size allowed is 0.49 MB. Please HELP! I was contacted by 'support' who suggested I try the Pro version instead of the Free version. I did that, but this time the program ran for OVER 24 HOURS before it froze. Revo Uninstaller was able to remove the program for me.
  17. Er. Ok, you're welcome?
  18. What exactly is the question BAkravitz
  19. Hi skyboard Try clearing the browser cache first and see if the scan works afterwards
  20. Had to reconfigure my PC. Needed to reinstall my life time subscription of superantispyware…. been a user for over a decade. Could not find my registration code … tried the first option … enter email and it will be sent.... 3 days later no email.... option 2 Tech support ticket... result …. no reply...… My lucky day... I found my registration info and am now all set. So my question … seems like there have been some changes …
  21. When I run SUPERAntiSpyware is gets stuck in the same spot every time (see screencap below). Once "files scanned" hits that location, the JS folder, the program stops there no matter how long I let it run. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and this didn't change anything. Anyone know what's going on here? https://i.imgur.com/Q0yMssG.jpg
  22. Hi all, I have been doing until my daily database definition updates. Today I managed to do a 100% download of the database updates but the program has been unable to decompress them thereafter. This results in a "Definition Update Failed". There is an error message "Failed To Load Rule Set" Anyone has any idea what's has gone wrong??? Ta
  23. I have been a LONG time user and really like this software but Im at the end of my patience. I keep getting error messages every time run it. It says there like 379 spywares to remove but I cant get to the end to remove them. It keeps stopping in the middle before its done. I was using the free version but I uninstalled it, reinstalled it, same thing. I uninstalled again and reinstalled the pro version and its doing the same thing. I dont mind paying for it if it works. Ive reached out to customer service like 5 times and its like 3-4 days before they answer each time. They told me to send them the logs zipped up of which I did and they never got back to me and that was like over a week ago. Sent a reminder and still nothing. Im at the end of the road, anybody have any ideas what could be causing this. Im using Windows 10 home. I get the error screen and send your optional email screen to report it. Thank you.
  24. You have no real setup information available for the CMS product. I installed the server application on my secondary domain controller. I have also installed the 64 bit client on 60+ systems. 19 systems seem to be working okay. 43 of those systems show red in the console window. Some have a red "X" next to the system name, some have a red "?". If you hover over the ones with a red "x" you see the message "'System_Name' has not checked in for a while. This workstation may be offline or encountering connectivity issues." If you hover over the ones with a red "?" you see the message "''System_Name' has never connected to this server. Tip: Install the CMS client on this machine or check for firewall/connectivity issues." All my systems have the same build, same hardware. Windows 10 Professional x64. So far, "support" has been pretty non-existant. Does anyone have this up and running? Any tips or tricks to get all the clients to connect? Thanks, Len
  25. Comprei o Superantispyware Professional para eliminar o Bet 365 que outros antivírus não detetavam. Para ficar livre desta praga, faço o Complete Scan; o Bet 365 é eliminado e posso usar meu computador sossegado por algum tempo; dali a pouco o Bet 365 volta! O Custom Scan não elimina o track vírus nem as verificações programadas! A única alternativa é fazer novamente o escaneamento completo! O programa, que deveria funcionar permanentemente, on line, não funciona!
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