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  2. We have not forgotten about this issue. I will see if I can get an update from the team.
  3. I would try an uninstallation and reinstallation as the first thing.
  4. I have a feeling that's what it's going to be, "Done with Lifetimers"
  5. Earlier
  6. Schedule scan all of a sudden doesn't scan on schedule. It has been doing it for years, and now it doesn't anymore.
  7. @SAS_support @nighthawkext Com-on guys time is a wasting. I can't think this slow. Give us a yes or a no or even give us a couple years with the Avira engine and be done with Life-timers?
  8. Hi Michael, Could you please try uninstalling and re-installing the application. Thanks
  9. Hi, I have a licensed pro version, but for some reason the enhanced definitions part keeps failing. Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. There may be companies out there that offer people loans like this. However I would be careful. Their legitimacy may be difficult to determine, some may not be legitimate and could potentially be scams.
  11. Is it true that a personal loan can be obtained simply by applying on a lender's website such as cashspotusa.com ? I would be grateful for any answers
  12. Hello, For this I would reccomend a uninstall and fresh reinstallation To uninstall, please view our updated handy guide: https://www.superantispyware.com/supportfaqdisplay.html?faq=47 You can download and install from the SUPERAntiSpyware Professional installer linked below: http://cdn.superantispyware.com/SUPERAntiSpywarePro.exe During the installation process you will be prompted to re-enter your registration code. Let me know if you need me to retrieve your registration code.
  13. I have SuperantispywarePro installed and it has run successfully for years. But yesterday it began restarting over and over, displaying the graphical banner and I see the program in the tray appear and disappear over and over. This is running on windows server unattended. I tried uninstalling, deleting all files and settings and reinstalling. I have had to leave it uninstalled. What can I do?
  14. Please send me a private message with your email address and I will start the process of investigating this.
  15. Thanks I just did that Thanks I just tried that so it should work.
  16. There is an option on the tools menu to use game mode. This setting disables all popup windows while playing a game.
  17. I hope I fixed the problem. Under the options menu under application database updates I unchecked show program window while updating. Let's hope this does the trick.
  18. I have the paid version of Superantispyware and my question is every time the program downloads updates it causes a screen to show up telling me the program is updating, downloading updates etc.. If I am playing a game for example it will interrupt my game to tell me this. Is there a way to keep the updates coming but not the popups?
  19. Currently, lifetime license keys do not have access to the Avira engine. We are working to resolve this.
  20. I am posting this issue here because I have not seen it mentioned anywhere, and feel it should be reported to management; but, short of sending a physical letter to their mailing address, I have no idea how to do that. For the past week or so, Dr Web has been reporting SUPERAntiSpyware (superantispyware.exe) as being/containing Trojan.Siggen10.3342; and the updater (SSUpdate74.exe) as Trojan.Siggen9/2985, and it removes these two files when it cleans my machine. (Naturally, when it does so, the program no longer works, and has to be reinstalled. I have redownloaded the install files directly from SUPERAntiSpyware site and reinstalled them after this happens, but that does not do anything.) I am using the free edition of this product. This issue first began to occur following the automatic update that asked to be installed around the end of July. Returning to the earlier version, the problem seemed to be fixed, but SUPERAntiSpyware continued to pester me to allow it to update, and after that Dr Web again identified the program and updater as being trojans. Yesterday SUPERAntiSpyware asked to be updated again, which I hoped would resolve this issue; but, running a Dr Web scan right now, I notice that both of the above mentioned items are being flagged again. Is this a real issue, or a false positive? If the latter, perhaps SUPERAntiSpyware should check why this is happening. Thank you for your attention. -- Daniel M. Burkus
  21. Yes we know that but how about the Avira engine?
  22. We are currently looking into the feasibility of implementing this.
  23. Lifetime licenses will be able to upgrade to Pro-X edition. let me know if there are issues in this process.
  24. @nighthawkext They already have a Free version? https://www.avira.com/en/free-antivirus-windows
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