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SAS freezing my computer

08 September 2012 - 02:44 AM

Having a problem with SAS freezing my computer every time I attempt to run it. (latest version free edition)
When I activate it the splash screen shows briefly and then the 'bug' icon appears in the screen tray. The hard drive then begins working continuously and everything freezes up. Clicking on the icon does nothing and no other programs can be used. I have to close down my pc with the 'power off' button.
When I restart my pc normally, SAS loads automatically and again everything freezes with the hard drive working continuously. This has been up to ten plus minutes before I give up and restart.
I tried running SAS in safe mode but again the same freeze problem.
I had to power off, restart again in Safe mode and remove SAS.
With SAS removed there is no problem.
I have Widows XP Pro.
Firefox 15.0.1
Anyone else experiencing this?


22 April 2012 - 10:12 AM

Running Superantispyware 5.0.1146
Windows XP

A scan comes up with two reg hits....



I have located taskmgr.exe in the Win/sys32 folder.
Aren't these required for Microsofts 'Task Manager' (Ctr/Alt/Del) ?
So would these scan results be false positives?
Thanks for any advice.