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Scan and delete immediately

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The removal process takes forever but the scan is much quicker. Why is that?

Why not do the scan and remove the cookies or  tracking objects immediately after detection while detecting the next issue. 

Perhaps on option to bypass files being held (locked) by the browser.  Or to close the browsers before scanning. 

Or an option to scan and shutdown the PC after the scan. I could leave the computer on when I go to bed and it could work while I am not using it.

On next start you can flash the stats if anyone needs to have a look.


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Hello Flamencoguy,

Thank you for the suggestions.

1) Users experiencing a slow removing process depends on a few factors, such as the availability of CPU/RAM, if you have other programs and hogging resources, and especially if your removing cookies and a browser is open.

2) This would remove the choice for users to unselect items that were detected but do not want removed. Having a removal process occur while scanning would also slow the whole process down quite a bit.

3) A "bypass" would cause browser instability and cause a crash. SUPERAntiSpyware has an option to close web browsers before a scan. This is located under Scan This Computer -> Recommend Pre-Scan actions section.

4) If you own the Professional Edition, you can set a Scheduled Scan to shutdown the PC after a set scheduled scan.


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