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Found 4 results

  1. Scan and delete immediately

    The removal process takes forever but the scan is much quicker. Why is that? Why not do the scan and remove the cookies or tracking objects immediately after detection while detecting the next issue. Perhaps on option to bypass files being held (locked) by the browser. Or to close the browsers before scanning. Or an option to scan and shutdown the PC after the scan. I could leave the computer on when I go to bed and it could work while I am not using it. On next start you can flash the stats if anyone needs to have a look.
  2. Shutdown Schedule

    I'm sure this has been requested but I couldn't find it. I'd like to see the ability to schedule a scan on shutdown and/or when exiting a browser. This would be very helpful for use on a laptop. My desktop almost never is shutdown but I never leave my laptop running for any length of time especially when I'm not right there with it.
  3. I download a lot of files, and always try to remember to scan them for spyware before opening them. When I right-click on a newly downloaded file in Windows Explorer in Win 7, I find a SuperAntiSpyware item, that I have to navigate to in order to open a sub-menu with the Scan selected file(s)... item. Which I then have to navigate to and left-click on. And right below it is that scary sounding SUPERDELETE file removal item, which I once clumsily clicked on by mistake. Argh! So, I'd like to be able to move the Scan selected file(s)... item from its present location in the sub-menu, up to the first context menu that opens when I right click on a file in Windows Explorer. I think an ideal place for it would be right under the Avast! Scan item which is already placed on that menu by the Avast! antivirus program. Is there an easy to understand and safe way for a non-tekkie like me to accomplish this? Will in Seattle a.k.a. "Clueless"
  4. I have SUPERAntiSpyware setup to run a complete scan every week. How can I verify it ran and see what it removed? Are there any log files? It is configured to show the user interface and wake the computer if sleeping.