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Found 2 results

  1. I have a certain folder with one file, an application I use frequently. This file & folder are continually picked up during scans and identified as a Rogue.Installer/Trace, but this folder and file is in my Excluded folders. As I look at the 'Manage Allowed Items' (now empty) there is a Remove and Remove All, but no Add button. How are items Added to the Allowed/Trusted Items? Any advice appreciated.
  2. I have a folder named STC in my Program Files folder. Contains an important application I use. On startup of Superantispyware, my STC folder is deleted. I can watch it disappear from the program files folder. This folder is in the Excluded Folders list. The folder and contents are displayed in the Allowed Items list also. What must I do to have SAS not remove this folder??