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  1. SUPERAntiSpyware Version 7

    OK, thank you for reply.
  2. Will there be a public BETA for version 7? If so, which board will it be announced on?
  3. IQ Test! What's your IQ?

    OK, that makes me feel a little better.
  4. IQ Test! What's your IQ?

    Doh! I was going about it all wrong. I'll know better next time, and thanks for reply.
  5. IQ Test! What's your IQ?

    Thanks for reply. BBC, I suppose. The code to get the image with the score like you posted above.
  6. IQ Test! What's your IQ?

    I also scored 132, but I think I fractured my brain. <a href="http://www.free-iqtest.net" title="IQ Test"><img src="http://www.free-iqtest.net/images/badges2/l132.gif" width="200" height="100" alt="IQ Test" border="0"></a><br/><a title="IQ Test" href="http://www.free-iqtest.net">IQ Test</a> And I can't figure out how to enter the code, either.
  7. Hello

    Welcome, Ripley!
  8. Sorry TomN, my error. I honestly don't know what Persistent File Removal is about, so will allow someone with more knowledge than me to answer.
  9. No. SuperDelete's primary purpose is to remove malware/other stubborn files that won't delete by the normal method.
  10. SAS shortcut in system root drive

    Thanks for your good suggestion, Buddahfan. But when I upgraded to 5.7.1016 (clean install), the SAS icon was appropriately placed on the desktop. I'm baffled. I will keep your idea in mind, though, should it happen with a future version.
  11. SAS shortcut in system root drive

    Thanks for replies Guilty, DooGie, and Elmer. A special hello to Don and thanks for past help some years ago. My program shortcuts normally appear on my desktop, as you would expect. Since no one else is reporting the problem I'm wondering if maybe a security app could be blocking SAS access to the desktop. But then allowing access to the root drive wouldn't make sense. BTW, this is a one month old install of XP SP3 (slipstreamed Dell disk), all current Windows Updates, Private Firewall, Avast 9, and I use an owner account with admin privileges.
  12. SAS shortcut in system root drive

    I just did a clean install of 5.7.1014 and the shortcut in C: returned. There must be a purpose for it or it could be a mistake/glitch in two versions, I suppose.
  13. SAS shortcut in system root drive

    Correct, and thanks for feedback, DooGie. C:\ is certainly not a convenient location to launch or relaunch SAS from, so why put a shortcut there? At first I thought it may have to do with SAS Alternate Start, but no, the shortcut points to the main executable.
  14. Seems a bit odd. Is anyone else seeing this?
  15. Bug Reports

    My issue is resolved in v. 5.7.1012. Thanks guys and gals!