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  1. Disable Scheduled Scan

    That only worked after I disabled the task on three computers. In any event it is now disabled.
  2. On Windows 10, do we have to go into Task Scheduler to change the schedule? Was not able to do from within program.
  3. SurfSideKick3

    Search the net, there are some very outdated posts about it. Might be so old that nobody has it in their signatures any more.
  4. Stalled

    Not enough information. What is 31453 ?
  5. If you look closely, the hits are probably cookies which are not dangerous. Went through the many cookies thing a month ago. The amount has calmed down. SAS is usually the only program that finds cookies on my computers and that can be changed in settings.
  6. Transfer subscription to new pc???

    Look on the help & information page. Save the code and under it is the transfer option.
  7. When I see anything from PC Mag in print, I ignore it.
  8. Was years between getting hit by something. My outpost security suite, malwarebytes and SAS each caught something the others did not. The last was a ransomware, but I opened a .zip file and got "got". It looked like something I was expecting at the time.
  9. Cookies

    I disabled uBlock Origin and SS did find some cookies. I wonder if anyone else noticed the same thing if uBlock is used with FireFox.
  10. Cookies

    Could ublock origin be blocking them ?
  11. Cookies

    Privacy mode is off. I did an update to Spywareblaster and never noticed anything in the deny page. I removed what was there and will see what happens. Do not remember date updated.
  12. Cookies

    ?? Incognito
  13. Cookies

    Fire Fox 43.0.4 and have Ccleaner monitoring turned off.
  14. Cookies

    Yes, Fire Fox 99% of the time and that is if I use Ccleaner or not. No big deal, but weird.