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  1. We have released version 5.6 with some pretty big improvements: All NEW Version 5.6! NEW: Completely re-architected definition database system NEW: Dramatically improved memory usage - up to 90% less compared with the previous version! NEW: Greatly enhanced product load times NEW: Faster scanning, faster malware detection Resolution of long-standing issues affecting certain systems Several critical bug fixes Heuristic/Smart definition updates and improvements Enhancements to the Worldwide Threat Map infrastructure Optimizations to in-product bug reporting system
  2. What "nag" screens were you getting?
  3. Those appear they may be false positives - did you do the built in false positive reporting? If not, please do so as we can investigate the samples.
  4. You are more than welcome - glad we could help you out! Spread the word!
  5. Hello all! We are very proud to have received a 5-star rating from's Editorial Staff:;1
  6. There are thousands of changes, way too many to list. The review is based on the 5.0 platform. 5.0 has been out for over a year, so not sure what 4.0 has to do with this thread.
  7. It's version 5.0, so is not an "older build" - meaning it's the 5.0 platform - all the 5.x releases are on the same code base and have improvements.
  8. The Technicians Edition is completely portable!
  9. We will look into this and see what possibly could be happening.
  10. Thank you for the suggestion. It is on our wish list of potential new features.
  11. It's something we have considered, but the demand isn't as high as for other features at this time.
  12. Don't terminate the SASCORE service. When SUPERAntiSpyware is not running it's doing nothing, there is no logical reason to terminate it and if you do become infected, it helps SUPERAntiSpyware and if it's not running it won't be able to be started.
  13. Why don't you post your scan log and we can resolve the issue - we are here to help - certainly not a reason to remove our software!
  14. The central management feature is in development - we are targeting a late q2 release.
  15. Can you post the scan log here for review?
  16. You too! Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday!
  17. Technology Changes * Heuristic/Smart definition enhancements * Scanning Engine Updates/Fixes/Enhancements * Improved Definition Loading Speed * Resolved situation(s) with samples with malformed resource blocks
  18. There currently is no way to "prevent" them from turning it off - what did you have in mind?
  19. How much traffic relating to this are you getting?
  20. Are you leaving SUPERAntiSpyware installed after cleaning with it?
  21. Are you a licensed technician?
  22. It's not bundled, but rather an optional install that, if elected, enables a Professional feature - scheduled scanning at no charge. A "bundle" means it's included and installed as part of the package - we have an optional install. Nothing is disabled or features lost if the user elects not to install - it's still the great free SUPERAntiSpyware we have always produced!
  23. They are labelled, I'll have to check why they aren't readable by the screen readers.
  24. We monitor the forums on a daily basis - if other members are answering things properly, there is no reason for us to jump in just for a "me too" answer. We are always here to help!
  25. When a reboot is required it typically means the file is locked, in-use or is otherwise unavailble to be deleted so we use our proprietary methods to delete the file on reboot.