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  1. What "nag" screens were you getting?
  2. We are now providing Sunday updates as well:
  3. Those appear they may be false positives - did you do the built in false positive reporting? If not, please do so as we can investigate the samples.
  4. We have released version 5.6 with some pretty big improvements: All NEW Version 5.6! NEW: Completely re-architected definition database system NEW: Dramatically improved memory usage - up to 90% less compared with the previous version! NEW: Greatly enhanced product load times NEW: Faster scanning, faster malware detection Resolution of long-standing issues affecting certain systems Several critical bug fixes Heuristic/Smart definition updates and improvements Enhancements to the Worldwide Threat Map infrastructure Optimizations to in-product bug reporting system
  5. You are more than welcome - glad we could help you out! Spread the word!
  6. We are always working to improve our process and expand our team - as you know, the pure number of definitions coming out has drastically increased.
  7. There are thousands of changes, way too many to list. The review is based on the 5.0 platform. 5.0 has been out for over a year, so not sure what 4.0 has to do with this thread.
  8. It's version 5.0, so is not an "older build" - meaning it's the 5.0 platform - all the 5.x releases are on the same code base and have improvements.
  9. Hello all! We are very proud to have received a 5-star rating from's Editorial Staff:;1
  10. We do weekend updates and updates around the clock on weekdays - it sounds as if you will always find something we aren't doing - we are releasing double the updates than we did a year ago and have over doubled our research team to find and remove more malware - why don't you make post after post about those facts as well
  11. The Technicians Edition is completely portable!
  12. We will look into this and see what possibly could be happening.
  13. Our updates having been coming our regularly as they always have - nothing is disabled nor doesn't work in the product - we provide many updates each an every day as you can see here: I noticed you convenitently don't mention the fact that the number of definitions being produced has gone up drastically over the past year - or are you only after negatives and not positives?
  14. No one is getting banned for expressing a concern. We have continued program updates as usual since the acquisition and have expanded our research team to become more effective as well - we will be doing weekend updates again within the next two weeks. Program updates have happened just as they have done prior to acquisition - we ALWAYS provide new downloaders updates first and then our update servers distribute the updates over time as to not flood the systems with updates. I notice how you haven't commented, or didn't notice, that our download speeds are greatly improved since acquisition and we have migrated to a CDN to provide fast and effecient downloads and updates. A few people (a micro % portion of the user base) had some issues with expiration and those situations were handled immediately. I understand that it's the vocal minority that makes it seem like there have been "many issues" - but the thruth is, things have been very smooth since the acquisition - things change, as they always do, but we are as committed as ever to the product and pushing our technology forward.
  15. Your ticket was already answered this AM. Please review your ticket.