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  1. Hey, easy on the sarcasm.
  2. I had that problem too Jahn when I tried to share it the first time
  3. Haha, that's a good score! I think the only reason I got my result was because I had taken an IQ test earlier with similar questions, on a different site.
  4. Just a bit of fun, not sure how accurate the test is. Here's my score Take the test:
  5. Yep, but It's always nice to have a solution posted for other members to see.
  6. My mistake, sorry!
  7. rjzdanis Please let me know if that helped or you still need help. Cheers!
  8. SAS 6.0.1232 detects unlocker as a virus after a system scan. Adware.MultiVariant C\users\Me\me-pc\unlocker1.9.2 EXE It is true that the installer contains freeware, but they are optional.
  9. Hey, rzj What SAF Version do you have installed? Please make sure you have the latest SAS, if not download them here: Free Edition users click HERE for 6.0.1232 Professional Edition users click HERE for 6.0.1232 & run a scan That (may) Have fixed the problem, if not: Can you go to (x86) HKU\S-1-5-82-3006700770-424185619-1745488364-794895919-4004696415\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS NT\CURRENTVERSION\WINLOGON# in your windows file browser and post a screen shot or copy and paste the names of the registry files for me? Also, You can try unlocking the file with unlocker and then re-scanning with SAS, it should hopefully work after unlocking the registry file. Unlocker Direct Download: About Unlocker: Remember to use 'Custom Install' and uncheck all the boxes (unless you want them) when installing unlocker as it will try to install freeware programs.
  10. Glad you got it sorted out Pharkit!
  11. Hello, I'm not part of the SAS Forum team but I think I can help. First I need to know a few things: What OS System are you running Windows/mac/Linux etc 32/64 bit? In c:/windows/ Do you have a folder called syswow64? (Windows location)
  12. Future Updates.
  13. Oh sorry, so they do
  14. Yes huge help thank you!